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This is the kind of episode that got me into this series in the first place. Part supernatural, part B-movie style horror, and all around funny as hell. True Blood's story may be going a little stale in their later seasons but throw in some quarky situations and sassy southern dialect, like here in "You're No Good", and audiences will keep tuning in.

Before I get to the funny here is a quick recap of the episode. After seeing Sam and Lafayette get beaten up by Alcide and his pack, Nicole and her sup-support group wantabes approach the werewolves. They didn't get off as easy as Sam and Lafayette did. Eric brings Pam and Tara along for the ride that is the kidnapping of the governor's daughter (Willa), only to spend most of the episode telling them not to kill his hostage. Jason's head traumas are getting worst and become a big distraction when trying to on guard for Warlow. Lastly, after Bill's vision of being able to walk in the sun fails him he sets a plan into motion with Jessica's aid to make that vision a reality.

"You're No Good" was a great balance of foreshadowing plots and hilarious dialogue. Definitely the most quotable episode in a long while. I'll be posting some of those fantastic one-liners in a minute but first I want to touch on what this episode was hinting at for some interesting upcoming story arcs.

Even though this episode spent a fair bit of time with Alcide and his wolf pack concealing Emma, and then dealing his the newcomer Nicole and her friends, the episode is mostly split between Eric and Sookie's stuff. Both seem to be setting up for the long haul. Eric's angle to keep the governor's daughter alive has helped flush out some details on what the humans are up to. Willa appears to be the only thing from keeping the humans from publicly declaring war on the vampire community so I could she her surviving for about 3-4 more episodes. One of the kind of spin-off stories from this Eric/governor story is the reappearance of not one Newlin but two Newlins. The former wife and co-leader of the Fellowship of the Sun, Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp), returns to the series as the political equivalent of her late husband; just on the side of the humans obviously. I'm excited to see their relationship play out again now that Sarah has all the power as her vampire ex-husband is held captive.

The major bit of breadcrumbs for the episode though was them finally make sense of why Andy is father to 4 fairy daughters. I'll admit I thought the show was getting ready to jump the shark after last year's season finale when the fairy Andy had slept with gave birth to four girls. It just seems that story came out of nowhere and had no direction. Now, after watching "You're No Good", I fell foolish that I didn't pick up on the idea they are moving towards seasons ago. I'm being overly vague, so I'll explain.

After Bill BBQs himself because he thinks just because he day-walked in his dreams with Lilith that he can do it in the real world an idea pops into his head. If Tru Blood is just synthesized human blood that vampires can consume quench their hunger, then if Bill could synthesize Sookie's fairy blood in would allow him and/or other vampires to walk in the sunlight. I had one of those 'duh' moments as I was watching this episode because the concept is so simple. Now take in the fact that Bill finds out Andy has at least one fairy offspring and everything makes sense. Sookie already denied Bill her blood so Andy's daughters are the most likely next targets to help Bill become a day-walker. Although there are two more fairies in town this season; with the fairy-god-father Niall, or the other new guy, Ben.

Side note: I'm calling it now: Ben is Warlow. They explain the quick moving POV shots looking at the Stackhouse home at night being Nora looking for Warlow and why Niall can sense a vampire during that time. I can't see the series surprising audiences with a completely new actor mid-season, or end of a season even for that matter, just to reveal what Warlow looks like. I'm also betting if Ben is Warlow that he doesn't want to kill Sookie, but mate with her to have some kind of supernatural hybrid being. I'm just going off now.

Ok so I promised some great quotes from "You're No Good" so here they are. I couldn't decide on just one quote like I have done in my reviews during the last 2 seasons so I put them all in. I promise to add True Blood's quote of the week again in the reviews to follow. Enjoy:

1) "You were hallucinating?" –Sookie

"Like a motherf**ker! You didn't wonder why I was acting all crazy and more racist than usual?" –Jason

2) "Unbelievable. These are contact lens to keep you from getting vamp hypnotized. F**kin' science!" –Andy

3) "Damn it girls! How many times do I have to tell you? Hand lasers off." –Andy

4) "If you really need to do God's work have to get into politics." –Sarah Newlin

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