Supernatural: Heaven Can Wait

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Everything seems quiet in in Rexford, Idaho but when Castiel realizes that an angel has been continuing his work on earth, everything is much worse than he thought.

Since Dean kicked him out of the lair, Castiel has been slowly adjusting to life as a human. He has a day job at a convenience store and has gained the trust and respect of his employer. After reading in the newspaper that some townspeople are being vaporized into a pink mist he decides to give Dean a call and give him the details about the case. Dean decides to take this one on his own and leaves Sam behind with Kevin to translate the tablets. Kevin has hit a wall in his translation and they need Crowley's help with an extinct language but the former king of hell wants something in return: a phone call. While Dean is away, Sam and Kevin decide to let Crowley blood dial Abaddon but Crowley isn't making any progress since Abaddon is more than willing to assume his mantle. Back in Rexford, the only connection between the victims is that each one of them is unhappy which gives Castiel the answer of who it is. Castiel tells Dean that it's an angel who was in a special class of medic; their job was to "help" those who were beyond saving with the hands of mercy. In the war between heaven and hell, the angel knew who to help by who was in pain but now that it is on earth, its mission is to erase all pain.

As we have come to expect in this episode, Heaven Can Wait was another opportunity for us to see Castiel's transition to humanity and thus far, it hasn't been smooth. As much as Castiel has tried to keep away from his past as an angel and as a leader, we saw at the end of this week's episode that his former life is eventually going to draw him back in. This will inevitably hit a snag when he discovers that the spell that cast the angels out of heaven is irreversible but regardless, Castiel will have to learn to learn to lead as a man if he can't rely on getting his grace back.

Though watching Castiel rediscover who he is always fun, I can help but wish that there was a bit more humour in his storylines. In previous seasons, whenever Castiel was in an awkward situation he could cut the tension by saying something that was both poignant and funny but that comedy has been absent for quite some time. Misha Collins continues to be great but Castiel is alone to the point that it's sad. Hopefully Castiel get a solid in the future that will boost his spirits (and ours).

While the plot for Heaven Can Wait didn't have anything inherently wrong, Supernatural has spent the majority of the episodes this season with the plot in service to the character. It's undeniable that Castiel was at the focus of the story but Dean was just there to bring the story to him. Having the victims die in such an elaborately pink fashion didn't make a difference and I didn't learn anything about Castiel that I didn't see or hear through his talks with Dean. My point being that the stories need to be just as interesting as the characters within them.

All in all, Heaven Can Wait was an average episode from Supernatural. We didn't learn anything new about Castiel and Dean continues to lie more than he needs to but at least Sam wasn't saved from death by Ezekiel. We'll see if Supernatural can dial up the excitement next week in Bad Boys.

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