Supernatural: Bad Boys

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When an old friend calls on Dean for help, Sam will see side of his brother that he never knew was there.

After a care worker is mysteriously impaled by a broken tractor, Dean gets a call from his old friend Sonny. When Dean was younger, he and his father told Sam that he was lost for two months when he was hunting. In truth, Dean lost the food money for him and Sam and was caught stealing. Being too young for jail and without his Dad, the police take Dean to Sonny's home for boys. When Sam and Dean catch up with Sonny in the present, he tells the two of them about the strange occurrences around the boys home and how the temperature suddenly drops from time to time. The boys take a look around and Dean meets a timid boy named Timmy who he takes a liking to. The boys get some history on the home when they learn that a woman was killed there many years ago but after they burn the bones, another murder happens again. The two of them head back right away to search the home and grounds. Sam takes another look in the barn and finds that Timmy has been keeping secrets and that the ghost haunting the boys home is his dead mother. When they get back into the home, Timmy's mother is there waiting for them and has no intention of letting any of them leave.

Though it lacked excitement, Bad Boys more than made up this in character. Going on its ninth season, we all think that we know the characters quite well. Dean has always been loyal to family and hunting while Sam never wanted that to be his life but accepted this over time. Bad Boys showed us that there was a brief time when Dean had a life outside of all of this, that he could have been the person that gave it all up to have a normal life. Ultimately, it was his love for Sam and wanting to always be there for him that pulled him back into his old ways. It was a softer side of Dean that had never kissed a girl or thought he could be anything more than a hunter. It's good to know that after nine years, Supernatural still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Another welcome surprise were the great guest stars this week. Without question, the definite standout was Blake Gibbons. Though he has never been on the show before, Gibbons had an immediate chemistry with Dean (younger and present). Gibbons gave Sonny a sincere demeanor but was never cheesy or melodramatic in his delivery. He was immediately likeable and made us believe that this guy would have been very good for Dean. Speaking of Dean (or young Dean I should say), Dylan Everett's performance was well suited. He had a certain arrogance at the beginning and constantly sighed like a teenager. This eventually wore off as Sonny broke through that toughness and then we saw the vulnerability when it was time for him to go.

While Bad Boys got some characters dead on, some didn't turn out as well as the others. The younger version of Robin was well done since she was a key part of Dean's time at Sonny's boys home but the older version didn't fit as well. The older Robin served the story to remind Dean of his first love and to be a victim near the end but this would have been more affective if she wasn't there at all. This would have worked better if Dean had seen a pictures of the two of them together in the restaurant that she had taken when she was younger and a picture of her older self and another in an exotic place in the world. This would have reminded Dean of Robin when she was young and tied this back to how she wanted to be a photographer and managed to get the life that she wanted as a child while Dean remembered their time together.

Though the makeup and special effects are always top notch on Supernatural, the effects on Timmy's mom were disappointing. Timmy's mom looked like a ghoul that we have seen many times before and the actress, Alika Autran, was stifled under it. Her makeup should have looked like she died in a fire and been lighter to allow her to express the anger she had when she wanted to protect Timmy.

Bad Boys was a solid episode from Supernatural that gave us a new side of Dean that we haven't seen before. Hopefully next week's Rock and a Hard Place will be just as good.

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