Supernatural: Rock and a Hard Place

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To find missing people in Hartford, South Dakota Sam and Dean will have to take the plunge and become born again virgins.

After getting a call from Sheriff Jody Mills about four missing people, the boys meet her in Hartford when she tells them a witness saw a person taken by someone lifting a car followed by a flash of blue light. After interviewing the witness, a homeless man named Slim, Mills tells them that the only connection between all four victims is that they attend the same church. After splitting up from Mills to investigate, the Winchesters arrive at the Good Faith Church where they speak with Bonnie about joining the congregation. Just to complicate everything further, the missing people are all a part of a virgin support group but to find out more, Sam and Dean have to join as born again virgins. After a very cathartic session with the other members, Dean gets some alone time with the group leader while Sam goes back to meet Sheriff Mills. Sam and Mills both found out the victims were breaking their vows which rules out dragons. Unfortunately it does mean that Dean and the instructor are about to be the next victims if Sam and the Sheriff don't get there in time.

Last week's preview for Rock and a Hard Place did well to play up the born again virgin plot and even though it was a good episode, this was all thanks to Jensen Ackles. It's been quite some time since there has been a humorous episode in Supernatural but this week I was laughing in my seat. Even while Sam and Dean were trying to find the missing people, Dean was completely focused on getting his instructor, Suzy, into bed. The support group scene was quite funny but it didn't compare to when he was alone with Suzie and he discovered that she was a former adult film star and they started speaking Spanish to one another.

In terms of plot, Rock and a Hard Place was definitely on the weaker end. The story was predictable and Bonnie being a Roman goddess that demanded a sacrifice had no relevance. She could have been any other supernatural being but she did plant the idea into Sam that there is something wrong with him. The one high point was that Dean was tired of lying to Sam and just as he was willing to confess, Ezekiel stepped in to stop him. Ezekiel said that he is almost done healing himself and Sam but why would the goddess say that Sam shouldn't be alive if that was the case? Why was Sam so exhausted when he felt much better in previous episodes? It's a question I believe will definitely be answered in next week's mid- season finale.

While there were a number of guest stars this week, Kim Rhodes and Susie Abromeit were the stand outs. Kim Rhodes continues to gel with Sam and Dean as Sheriff Mills and never feels like a tacked on character. Mills thinks on her toes and doesn't slow down after taking a hit. Rhodes doesn't dull the character and her fast and witty delivery keeps Sheriff Mills up beat and a good addition to any episode. Many actresses would not have been able to keep up with Jensen Ackles's charm and confidence but Susie Abromeit never missed a beat. Abromeit was clearly having fun and it came across in each scene, keeping it light hearted and well-paced.

Rock and a Hard Place won't be known for its action scenes or great story but it was the funniest episode of season nine so far. Episodes like these are well timed because they act like a break before Supernatural dives back into the story in next week's Holy Terror.

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