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The bunker may be the safest place they know but that won't stop the odd ghost from getting through the cracks.

After the lights start to flicker and the air gets chillingly cold, the Winchesters know one thing for sure: that place is haunted. At first, they think that it might be a ghost left behind from the Men of Letters but Sam thinks that it must be from a much more recent death. Dean doesn't want to believe it but after a mentioning his name and trying to air his thoughts out, the ghost reveals himself to be Kevin. Kevin tells the boys that since the fall, all of the dead are trapped in the veil and can't move on to the great beyond. He also heard a rumour that his mother might be alive and desperately needs the Winchesters to save her if she is. Sam and Dean agree and head to Wichita to make contact with the ghost that spoke with Kevin. After speaking with the ghost and getting clues to what sounds like storage lockers, the Winchesters investigate the ones close by and eventually find one that matches the description. But when the Winchesters get too close, they spook the demon jailer and Linda Tran may be his next victim.

After a brief hiatus, Supernatural has returned with a less than impressive episode, Captives. With such a thin plot, Captives was more an opportunity to say a final goodbye to Kevin Tran than anything else. While Supernatural can sometimes be heavy handed with the emotional goodbyes, Kevin's farewell was more like closing the chapter in the long running angel story.

In his final moments in the bunker, Kevin made Sam and Dean to promise to get over the what has been eating away at the two of them in the past few weeks but his words fell on deaf ears. While Dean took those words to heart, Sam was already walking away before his brother could get a word in. In previous seasons, Sam and Dean fought but still cared about one another but this time it's different. The two of them are becoming different people, no longer share the same perspective and are starting to drift apart entirely. They live in the same home but the Sam and Dean haven't been this disparate from one another since Sam was drinking the demon blood years ago.

While very little happened with Sam and Dean, Castiel single handedly changed the tide of the angle infighting. After being taken in by Bartholomew's men, Castiel is greeted with open arms from his former comrade. Bartholomew (played by Adam Harrington) shows Castiel that the two of them want the same thing: to return to heaven and end the anarchy. On the other hand, Bartholomew's methods vary drastically from Castiel's and he's willing to use whatever means necessary; even if it means wiping out a peaceful faction of angels. After Castiel refuses to join, Bartholomew attacks and Castiel was left with no choice but to destroy his former friend. If this was season seven, that plot would have been the entire episode and it's too bad that it wasn't. We've seen far too little of the angel civil war this season and Bartholomew was built up to be a formidable character but ended up with a quick death. Harrington was good in the role but never given time to show how he was just like Castiel a few seasons ago. If they had kept him around longer, Castiel's contrast to Bartholomew would have really shown how far he has come since that time.

All in all, Captives was a dull episode that put the stronger story on the back burner while the Winchesters bickered and said goodbye to a friend that was hardly there to begin with. Maybe things can turn around next week when the Ghostfacers return in Thinman.

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