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Vampires may be old hat for the Winchesters but when Sheriff Jody Mills asks the boys' help, they have to take out a nest that Wholesale Fashion Jewelry gives an all new meaning to "family ties".

After a woman is brought into the local sheriff's office for questioning, a vampire attempts to abduct her but luckily Sheriff Jody Mills had her machete handy. Knowing that she probably needs help on this one, Sheriff Mills calls the Winchesters. The boys talk to the woman, a human who goes by the name of Alex, knowing that she has some connection to the nest of vampires in town. Alex knows they are hunters but refuses to give them any help and betray her family. Sheriff Mills manages to identify the woman and it turns out that her name is Annie and was listed as missing eight years ago. Sam notices that Alex has deep scar tissue on her neck due to bites from her family. When they couldn't eat, she would feed them using her own blood. Sam and Dean warn Sheriff Mills that the vampires have Alex's scent and that the station isn't safe anymore. Mills agrees and decides to take Alex to her cabin outside of town while the boys handle the vamps. The boys manage to take out a vamp but are taken down when they make a play for the rest. Sheriff Mills is subdued by the leader, Momma, and her fate now lies in Alex's hands. Will Alex choose between the people that tried to help her or the family that she has known for most of her life?

Supernatural has a long history with vampires but after last week's episode, Meta Fiction, Alex Annie Alexis Ann fails to measure up. Make no mistake, Alex Annie Alexis Ann isn't so much about vampires in general as it is the relationship between Alex (Annie) and the rest of her family. That's a great concept in theory but only Alex and Momma had something to sink into. The rest of the family was just some guys that Sam and Dean needed to kill for the sake of the show. Had Supernatural combined them into a single character, like a father or one brother that resented Alex far more, it would have been more affective.

Though it's usually sharp and quick witted, the dialogue in Alex Annie Alexis Ann wasn't up to par. For starters, a show isn't more edgy if the characters say "bitch" as much as they can. It's actually more impactful when they just convey that emotion in what they say. When Dean was about to behead the vampire and said, "Look at me, bitch!" It would have been better if he just said, "Look at me!" Dean had the blade to his throat and was about to make the final push, adding "bitch" took me out of the moment because it's ridiculous. Momma also had an insightful conversation with Sheriff Mills but when the argument wasn't going her way, she says "You bitch" to Mills before pummeling her. Momma could have stared into Mills' eyes without saying a thing and we would have gotten that loud and clear. Supernatural isn't Mad Men but a little subtext goes a long way.

It was a tough week for Supernatural but it's always a pleasure to see Sheriff Jody Mills. Sheriff Mills has been a part of Supernatural for years and Kim Rhodes continues to get better each time we see her. Mills still has a lot to learn about the world that the Winchesters reside in but she plays it well and it never comes across as cheesy or over the top. Katherine Ramdeen was also very good as Alex (Annie). She played the character well and her chemistry with Rhodes suited the episode. I will say that I found Ramdeen too old for the part of Alex. We were told that Alex was a teen but Ramdeen looks like she graduated university a few years ago.

Besides a few strong performances and a great idea, Alex Annie Alexis Ann was a let down. The execution just couldn't keep up with the concept and poor dialogue didn't help. Sam questioning Dean's enjoyment of the kill even felt out of place. Should Dean have apologized for killing the vampire that wholesale jewelry was just draining his brother's blood into a bucket? I'm hoping next week's episode, Bloodlines, is an improvement but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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