Supernatural: King of the Damned

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As Abaddon begins to make her moves, Crowley is taken back by a visit from an old face while Bvlgari Jewelry Dean may have finally become a Jedi.

During a meeting with his inner circle, Crowley gets a taste of betrayal when he discovers that his supporters have all gone to Abaddon's side. Crowley is furious but Abaddon is there and wants him to work with her to kill the Winchesters. Predictably, Crowley refuses her offer but Abaddon has an ace up her sleeve to force his hand. Abaddon traveled into the past and brought Crowley's son into the present knowing that he would never risk the life of his son with his newfound humanity. Elsewhere, Castiel has called Sam and Dean into his newly established angel command centre to interrogate one of Metatron's chosen, Ezra. Using his hubris against him, the Winchesters get the information they need but realize that Ezra doesn't know that much. The two of them speak with Castiel but when someone checks on Ezra, they find him dead in his chair. Castiel trusts every angel under him but Dean knows that an angel is playing for the other team; meaning that Castiel will have to appeal to an angel on the other side. After getting some bonding time with his son Gavin for the first time in a few hundred years, Crowley calls Sam and Dean to give them the location of the First Blade and lay a trap for them. Luckily, he manages to warn Dean but will it be enough to save the Winchesters from a knight of hell?

After last week's disaster of an episode in Bloodlines, King of the Damned is a huge step up. While my above recap may seem like there was too much going on, every plot flowed together and there was never a dull moment. The slow build of the story also lent itself to solid pacing since the comedic interrogation was near the beginning of the episode. After Ezra's death, the tension quickly began to build. The plot eventually came to its natural peak when Dean became a Jedi and called the First Blade to his hand, and then plunged it into Abaddon. To see the villain die that has a history with the Winchesters was cathartic. Abaddon had to die. The real surprise will come in the last episodes as the Winchesters turn their attention back to Metatron.

We've been waiting for a long time but this week Dean finally got his hands on the First Blade. After all of the talk of how powerful the blade was, it did not disappoint. Like Luke Skywalker using the force to call his lightsaber out of the ice, the connection between the bearer of the Mark of Cain and blade showed that it was powerful enough to overcome a knight of hell. Lending even more to the blade's impact on Dean, Sam spoke about how it may be changing his brother. After suggesting that they store the blade, Dean flat out rejected the idea. Whether or not Dean will be able to control this powerful weapon or if it will control him is very interesting. We've seen Sam have an addiction demon blood but we've never seen Dean in this position before.

King of the Damned did everything right to get us excited for the end of the season. Castiel is entrenched in the war against Metatron and is appealing to Gadriel's sense of honour. Dean possesses a weapon that can kill anything while Sam may be the only person that can save him from its thrall. The pieces are beginning to fall into place and I'm excited to see what happens in next week's episode, Stairway to Heaven.

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