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Supernatural's milestone 200th episode is here but does it live up to the expectations?

A high school drama teacher suddenly disappearing at night doesn't exactly sound like a case but Dean thinks otherwise. Sam is hesitant but any apprehension he had is wiped away when the boys see what play the kids are doing: Supernatural. Right in front of their eyes, as a musical, the Winchesters watch their lives unfold as played by high school kids. Sam and Dean get to chatting with Marie and Maeve, the director and assistant director, who tell them all about the play and how they have made some creative changes for the second act. Besides the weird script additions, everything sounds like a run of the mill disappearance. Later that night, after a disagreement with director Marie on the play's direction, a student is attacked by a scarecrow. Marie hears the screams but is too late to save her friend before she is taken. The next day, the Winchesters are back in the theatre and the only ones to believe Marie. Sam tries to tell Marie and Maeve who they are but all they get is laughs. Though the girls don't believe them, they get their help on the research and Sam discovers that the culprit behind the abductions is the goddess, Calliope. Calliope is bringing the creature to life to stop anyone who might halt the vision of the writer and when the vision is complete, Calliope will feast on them. In order to save Marie, the show must go on.

Ten years and two hundred episodes in, Supernatural arrives with Fan Fiction. Was Fan Fiction the best episode the show has produced in years? Not really. What the episode does remind us all of is why we started watching Supernatural while poking fun at a lot of the fan fiction over the years. At its core, Supernatural is a show about two brothers whose lives have been overtaken by forces beyond human understanding. The choices the Winchesters have had to make have been grave, they have lost people they have loved but they have always been there for one another. Sam and Dean even got to see their BM moment played out by high school teens.

Though the nostalgia in the opening titles montage and the nod to Destiel were there, the monster of the week format didn't have the punch that Supernatural's 200th episode needed. As Calliope, Hannah Levien wasn't given a great deal to work with but her performance was much stronger than the material she was given. While the high school play concept was clever, Supernatural could have gone that much farther. Not unlike 2012's episode, Bitten, I would have liked to have seen three Supernatural from the perspective of three outsiders who were exposed to exposed to the Winchesters. The twist would be that the three people all work for a publishing company that produces the Supernatural books and each of them is pitching their idea on a 'reboot' of the Supernatural series. Each character would pitch their take on what Supernatural is and means to them which would give the opportunity to see Sam and Dean in comical and dramatic situations. To cap it all off in a similar way to Fan Fiction, Chuck would have been the creative director that had the final say on whose version would be selected.

Speaking of Chuck, did it have to take four years to see him again? I understand that it was a special occasion but the fact that God finally returned to show felt bittersweet. Maybe we'll see him again sooner rather than later.

Looking back, Fan Fiction didn't have excitement or the action that we're used to but it did have what made us fall in love with the show to begin with. Here's hoping that keeps up when Supernatural returns next week.

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