Supernatural: Girls, Girls, Girls

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Demons are getting with the times and using dating apps to makes deals for souls but don't be afraid: Impala67 is on the case.

Tired of meeting girls the old fashioned way, Dean has been using a dating app to connect with girls online. Sam thinks that Dean may be getting played but is suddenly at a loss for words when Dean's hot date, Shaylene, shows up. Dean and Shaylene take off and just when things are about to pick up, Shaylene mentions her fee: Dean's soul. Sam and Dean wait for Shaylene's pimp to show up and trap him as soon as he gets into the room. They find out that there are other demons that are working the same angle for souls but before they can ask more questions, Shaylene kills the demons using the angle blade that was in Dean's hand. Without the lead, the Winchesters head to the bordello where the demon was working. Meanwhile, at the bordello, an older red headed Scottish woman named Rowena walks in and sees the men mistreating one of their ladies. They suggest that she leave but she tosses the 'boss' something. It's a hex bag that literally makes him vomit the demon out until he dies. She then walks out with the two human call girls that were working for the demon and takes them for a fancy dinner before tantalizing them with the power that she commands; one that leaves the victims dead. Elsewhere, Castiel and Hannah are out on the road and about to leave a motel when Hannah is confronted by her vessel's husband, Joe. Joe has been searching for his wife, Caroline (Hannah's vessel) for the past year and won't leave until he gets an answer as to why she left. Lastly, Cole is on the trail of the Winchesters and is eager to settle the score from his last encounter with Dean. Will Sam and Dean be able to stop Rowena before Cole catches up to them or will they be the ones left holding the hex bag?

If my above description of the episode sounded like a bit of a mess, that's because Girls, Girls, Girls was exactly that. Girls, Girls, Girls lacked focus and felt completely disjointed trying to juggle three different stories that felt entirely different from one another on top of the biggest plot hole of the season thus far. Having three different stories can work when they are connected in some way or another but Castiel and Hannah's plot was far more interesting that Sam and Dean hunting a witch. Its tone was markedly slower but also felt more organic. I was always wondering when Supernatural would get back to them as the witch hunt was decidedly dull. As for the plot hole, was anyone else wondering why Rowena just walked into a bordello to recruit call girls into a coven? She could have just as easily been in a library so that part of the story felt poorly constructed.

In last week's episode the guest stars almost stole the show but this week they almost buried it. As Rowena, Ruth Connell was dreadful and discovering that she is Crowley's mother and will be back again really makes me afraid. Connell delivered a cliché performance for Supernatural and I'm starting to wonder if that's what Supernatural wants. Practically every villain is witty and charming in the same way that it makes you yearn for more from the villains. Maybe future episodes will give Connell a softer side of Rowena to showcase and prove me wrong but I'll wait until then. However, on the flip side of the coin we have Erica Carroll as Hannah/Caroline. Carroll had really come into the role of Hannah and had wonderful chemistry with Misha Collins as Castiel. Even though we have seen angels go through the motions of discovering what it is to live like a human, Carroll made it feel fresh and the departure of the character is bittersweet. Castiel appears to be more alone than ever and was even contemplating what it might be like to release his vessel back to his family.

Speaking of bittersweet departures, he may have not gotten the answers he was looking for but Cole Trenton is done with Dean Winchester. After getting a beating in round two, Dean told Cole the truth about his father and how he was a monster that had to be put down before he killed again. As Cole, Travis Aaron Wade gave a great performance and I was really hoping Supernatural would make better use of Cole Trenton and I was surprised that storyline was wrapped up so easily. I would have liked to have seen Cle utilize more of his military skills and play a cat and mouse game with the Winchesters as he hunted them in his quest for revenge. Wade is a former marine and that aspect was written into the character as well so it would have worked perfectly to see the Winchesters be forced to outsmart someone trained for exactly that.

With a title like Girls, Girls, Girls I wasn't exactly shocked at the low quality of this week's episode. While there were some highlights in Erica Carroll and Travis Aaron Wade, they couldn't make up for the boring story with Rowena. We'll see if Supernatural can bring the laughs in next week's episode, Hibbing 911.

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