Supernatural: Book of the Damned

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The Winchesters may have found a way to remove the Mark of Cain but it isn't called the Book of the Damned for nothing.

Charlie is back and she has brought some friends. After stealing the Book of the Damned from the Stein family, they are hot on her heels and want it back. After a narrow escape and taking a bullet, she calls the Winchesters for help and they get her to meet at one of the hunter cabins that Bobby set up years ago. Elsewhere, Castiel has Metatron riding shotgun as they continue to search for his grace. The boys fill him in on what they are up to. Since a few of Metatron's locations have turned up nothing, Castiel's patience is wearing thin and he knows Metatron is just stalling. Back at the cabin, Charlie and the Winchesters learn that whatever the Book of the Damned can do, it comes at a great price; one that Dean is not willing to pay. Whatever happens, the last thing that Dean wants is to make things worse but Sam can't stand by and watch his brother become a demon again. With the Stein family closing in, Sam will need to decide if you wants to keep looking for a way to lift Dean's curse or risk it all with the Book of the Damned.

After last week's episode, Book of the Damned was an average episode that brings a few characters back to the forefront in the closing moments but stumbled along the way. The story with Charlie and the Steins lacked a real sense of urgency. The backstory of the Steins also felt rushed and was a forced attempt to make us believe they were a credible threat when a simple gang of demons with a thirst for power would have done just as well. What Book of the Damned did manage to accomplish was give us a true sense of hope that there is a way to lift Dean's curse; with a price.

Metatron may be a jerk but he is right about him and Castiel having a good connection. The dynamic between the two characters always asks the right questions and throws doubt on nay moral superiority that Castiel holds onto. The great news is that Castiel finally has his grace back and is back to full strength. It's been long overdue for him to return to form and his 'chasing grace' story was tired. Metatron may have made Castiel question his mission but he's now laser focused on hunting the former scribe of God down.

Book of the Damned was an average episode that did a great job of moving some of the pieces into place for the rest of the season. Sam is more determined than ever to save Dean and is even willing to work with Rowena to make that happen. On top of that, Metatron has the demon tablet and is just as dangerous as ever. We'll see how things develop further in next week's episode, The Werther Project.

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