Supernatural: Angel Heart

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Three men and a lady. Let's do this.

Years after Castiel tore apart her family, Claire Novak is searching for her missing mother, Emilia. Claire knows she is close when she goes to see Ronnie, the last person that saw her mother but he refuses to tell her where Emilia is and knocks her out. The next day, Castiel is waiting at the hospital and has called in the Winchesters as backup. Claire isn't happy to see them but they won't leave until she tells them what happened. After telling them what's she's been up to, Claire is gone when they get back into the room. Castiel and Dean go to see the guy that knocked her out while and Sam waits for Claire to show up back at her motel. Castiel and Dean find success as Dean's method of slamming Ronnie's head into a table inevitably produces a name – Peter Holloway. After going back to the motel and catching Sam and Claire up on the details, Sam learns that Ronnie has just been found dead. Sam does some research and manages to find a farm that Peter Holloway owns not far from the city. Sam and Castiel go to confront Holloway and while Dean gets stuck babysitting Claire for fear that the Mark of Cain is getting out of control. After arriving at the farm, Castiel and Sam manage to find Emilia but they don't know what's waiting for them. Back at the motel, Dean discovers that Holloway is a watcher angel who feeds on the soul of humans. Not willing to risk Castiel and Sam being killed by Holloway, Dean and Claire head out to save them but time is running out.

At twenty episodes into the season, I was expecting a lot more from Angel Heart. Considering that Angel Heart had only one reference to the Mark of Cain and Dean's condition, it would have been a much better idea to place this episode earlier in the season rather than late in the game when the story should be ramping up. Placing Angel Heart near the end of the season also meant two things for the episode: there would be no consequences and nothing relevant to the main story would be revealed.

Was it just me or did Angel Heart feel just a bit too familiar? If it did, that's because we've seen almost the exact same episode before but it was called What Is and What Should Never Be way back in season two. In that story, a djinn (think evil genie) monster would kidnap his victims and trap them in their fantasy dream worlds and slowly feed off of them until they die. In that case, Dean had a job and a girlfriend, Sam never became a hunter and his parents were still alive. If you swap out Dean for Emilia and watcher angel for djinn, it's virtually the same story, just told eight years later and not as well done. As a fan of Supernatural myself, it's disappointing.

Angel Heart may have been a good idea but there is also a better way to tell it without doing what has already been done before. Angel Heart isn't a terrible episode on its own merit but its poor placement in the season and lack of originality make it one of my least favourite episodes that Supernatural has done. With only three episodes left, let's hope that next week's Dark Dynasty offers something new.

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