Supernatural: Dark Dynasty

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Sometimes the price is too high.

It's been days since Sam locked Rowena in a basement to try and decipher the Book of the Damned but she isn't any closer to cracking the cipher to read it. Meanwhile, a woman is 'harvested' for her eyes in Omaha, Nebraska but there are a few witnesses left behind that see the killer jump out of a third floor window and survive; the Winchesters have a case. Willing to try anything, Sam brings in Charlie in the hopes that her technical knowledge will help speed up the search. Back in Omaha, Sam and Dean view the security footage and notice a particular tattoo on the killer that identifies him as a member of the Styne family. As it turns out, Eldon Styne has to redeem himself by cleaning up the body he left behind, killing the Winchesters and retrieving the Book of the Damned. Not exactly an easy to-do list. After getting rid of the witnesses, Eldon makes a move on Dean but the hunter proves to be too much for him. Dean takes Eldon back to the bunker for an interrogation but Eldon escapes before they get any real answers. To make matters worse, Eldon told Dean that the Book of the Damned is still intact since it can only be destroyed by a magical spell. It doesn't end there. Eldon is after the last person the Styne family saw the book with: Charlie. This is one instance where the Winchesters may not make it in time to save their friend.

After last week's misfire with Angel Heart, Dark Dynasty is a strong start to the final three episodes of the season. Though they were a late addition to season ten, Supernatural quickly made the Styne family a real threat by using them to kill Charlie. Being a fan favourite, her death was unexpected but the right thing to do. The character of Charlie had gone as far as she could go and the best way to set Dean onto a path of mayhem against the Styne family is to take away someone that he cared about. Although I didn't mention any of the parts about Crowley and his steps towards finding Rowena, it seems like that will only come into play in the season finale and was more of a set up for some kind of payoff...maybe.

It was a long time coming but Sam's secrets and lies finally caught up to him. Sam's intention was simple: save Dean from the Mark of Cain and not let him become a monster. He loves his brother and can't live his life without him but by involving Charlie, he put her life at risk. Things may have been different if Dean knew what was going on and he may have even been able to save her but things will be different between Sam and Dean going forward. Sam will have to live with the guilt of getting his friend killed and the strain he put on his relationship with his brother. Dean will have to live with the burning desire to take vengeance on every last Styne he can get his hands rolex replica

Dark Dynasty was a briskly paced episode with a surprise death at the end. I know that I railed on Felicia Day for giving the same performance almost every time but Charlie's death will have a big impact on Supernatural going forward. We'll see the fallout of Charlie's death in next week's episode, The Prisoner.

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