Supernatural: The Prisoner

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Charlie is gone and the Winchesters are less for it but Dean doesn't intend to take this lying down.

After Cyrus Styne is bullied by one of his classmates, he later finds him on his dad's operating table. Munroe Styne intends to make a man out of Cyrus and he intends to have him make every incision. Near the bunker, Sam and Dean make a funeral pyre of Charlie but the mood is far from somber. Dean blames Sam for getting Charlie involved and wishes that it was him on that pyre. Sam says that he tried to do everything he could to save his brother but Dean isn't having it and decides to take the fight to the Styne family. Sam goes back to see Rowena and they discover the cipher that Charlie left for the Book of the Damned. Rowena can now read it but she won't make any translations until Sam kills Crowley. On his way to Shreveport, Dean is pulled over and arrested by the police but it's an obvious setup by the Styne family. Sam makes a move to kill Crowley but the entire plan goes south and only reminds Crowley of what he truly is: the king of hell. After Dean breaks out of police custody, he takes the fight to the Styne's doorstep. At first, his pan works but then he is caught off guard by a small army. Munroe Styne intends to cut Dean open on his operating table but Dean gets free and kills him, his nurse and his nephew. Back at the bunker, Eldon, Roscoe and Cyrus Styne bust in with the intent to take what they want and burn the rest. Dean has other plans and they start with a knife in Roscoe's back followed by a bullet through Eldon's head but Cyrus isn't like his family. Cyrus begs Dean for his life and swears that he is nothing like them but that doesn't dissuade Dean. Instead, Dean pulls the trigger and kills Cyrus. Castiel pleads with his friend to understand what he has done but it falls on deaf ears. The Dean Winchester he knew is gone.

It took some time but Dean finally snapped in The Prisoner. Getting to this point was more of a marathon this season but it paid off. The Prisoner was a very focused episode that wasted little time in establishing a somber tone with Charlie's funeral. The entire scene was well done and the brief flashbacks paid tribute to a character that has become a big part of the Winchester family over the years. Immediately after that, it was down to business. Sam's deception failed and is cost Charlie her life and Dean had enough. His relationship with his brother has been strained over the years but that was usually as a result of supernatural intervention. The Prisoner set Dean on a mission and left Sam scrambling to try and pick up the pieces of his failed plan.

It's been a tough year for Dean but Charlie's death as a result of Sam's deception was the final nail in the coffin. Whether the Mark of Cain made a difference or not, Dean can't be pushed around anymore and he took out all of his anger on the Stynes. Years ago, Dean would spare those that he thought had a chance to turn their lives around but he didn't show Cyrus the same mercy. Cyrus did hate his family and planned on leaving them behind. His father forced him to kill the bully but Dean made sure there wouldn't be any loose ends later on down the road.

While Dean made a shift away from the light, Crowley slid back into the darkness. For a few moments, it seemed like Sam had Crowley right where he wanted him but they don't call him the king of hell for nothing. Instead, the true Crowley broke forth and spared Sam's life. What will happen if the 'new' Crowley comes face to face with Dean is another swiss replica watches uk story altogether.

Overall, besides a distinct lack of Castiel throughout the episode, The Prisoner was a very solid episode from Supernatural. We still have yet to hear anything about Metatron but hopefully the Mark of Cain storyline is resolved in next week's season finale, Brother's Keeper.

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