Supernatural: Form and Void

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Not even demon babies and angel torture could prevent this week's Supernatural from being a complete mess.

Following the events of the Darkness being unleashed, Dean is just about to drop Jenna and baby Amara off at her grandmother's house where things might settle down for them away from the chaos. Back in Superior, Nebrasksa, Sam is still fighting the infection from the Darkness but isn't having much luck after capturing another infected victim and trying to get some answers. He learns that it doesn't affect people at the same rate but even so, it's a death sentence. Back at grandma's house, Jenna hears a strange noise coming from Amara's room only to find the baby levitating alphabet blocks above her crib before hurling them into the wall where they spell out, "Feed me". Obviously freaked out, Jenna calls Dean who comes racing back only to find 'Father' Crowley waiting on the couch. Elsewhere, Castiel's surrender to the angels angels has backfired and he's now being tortured for the whereabouts of Metatron. Back in Superior, Sam has a visit from a reaper named Billie. Billie tells him that the after Death's demise, the two of them shouldn't expect to die and come back. If it happens again, it's for the last time and she knows that Sam's on borrowed time as they speak. After Crowley finishes his tea, he and Dean have a talk outside about the nature of evil they are dealing with. Crowley knows that whatever is in that house isn't a demon but before they can finish, they hear a scream and find Jenna's grandmother lying dead on the kitchen floor. Dean and Crowley find Jenna in a room only to discover that her soul is gone and that Amara is responsible. Crowley wants that evil for himself but Dean won't let that happen; it looks like their uneasy alliance has met a quick end.

I think that Crowley best summed up Form and Void in one poignant line: I was getting bored. From the start, Form and Void got off to a slow start by opening the episode with Dean dropping off Jenna and baby Amara and dragging that out longer than necessary. Jenna wasn't a character that anyone would connect with and her grandmother was obviously going to die. Besides that, the episode felt rushed even though nothing important was taking place. Dean drove around a lot while we watched what can only be descried as the cheesiest thing on television tonight when Amara was throwing alphabet blocks into the wall. It was a cringe worthy moment for Supernatural. The true high points of the episode were when Sam was by himself in the hospital trying to find a cure for the infection from the Darkness. It was still a quick "Aha!" television solution but we got to see him use his head for the better rather than getting the Winchesters into more trouble. Besides the overdramatic singing in the hallway, Sam's scenes with Billie the reaper were especially strong. Billie telling Sam that death is forever is also good news for the show as death has had little to no consequence for several years now.

Though I briefly touched on Castiel's scenes in the summary, they were easily the worst parts of the episode. To start, Andrew Dabb's writing for the episode wasn't particularly strong but it fell apart in these scenes. The dialogue for the angels, Jonah and Ephraim, was dull and the 'witty villain' tone felt out of place considering they were torturing an angel that used to be their leader at one point. This was also a case where the actors themselves couldn't keep up. Albert Nicholas as Jonah came across as stiff but the actor playing Ephraim (I couldn't find his name) was terrible. His delivery lacked wit or charm and he conveyed angry teen rather than vengeful angel. Lee Majdoub faired much better as Hannah but then the character was killed for seemingly no reason. The death was meant to shock us but I was so disinterested in the scene that I didn't care either way. Castiel didn't seem to care that much scooter

I could go on about Form and Void's shortcomings (don't even get me started on the music) but I will end there for this review. Form and Void had some great scenes with Sam but it was utterly buried with a generic plot and poor writing. Next week's episode, The Bad Seed, has to be better than this.

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