Supernatural: Our Little World

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In this week's episode, old ties are severed and we finally learn the truth behind the Darkness.

After learning that Len (the soulless stalker behind the Lissie Borden house) was killed, the Winchesters make their way back to Fall River, Massachusetts and learn that another girl has recently had her soul stolen by Amara. Determined to get answers, the boys use the girl as bait to lure a demon. Following Amara's soul sucking binge, the demon was tasked with killing anyone that had their soul taken to remove any trace of her presence from the area. Sam and Dean learn that Crowley has Amara and that they need to do something about that soon but they still know next to nothing about her. To try and get more information, they get a hold of Castiel to see if he can help since he has only spent the past few weeks in the bunker watching Jenny Jones after catching up on Game of Thrones and The Wire. Castiel is reluctant to leave the safety of his home but when he sees a reflection of an old acquaintance on the television, he makes his way to Omaha, Nebraska. Back on the hunt, Sam and Dean have come up with a list of plaes where Crowley is likely to be and determine that it must be an abandoned asylum for the mentally ill. They still don't have any idea as to what they're dealing with but they have to act soon before Crowley manages to get control of Amara in some way. Meanwhile, Castiel has found Metatron and wants answers and after former scribe of the lord takes a horrible beating from a very angry angel, he confesses everything. While most assume that God's will for creation was effortless, that wasn't the case; it took effort and sacrifice. Amara is God's sister and he sacrificed her to form all of creation. Good luck with that, Sam and Dean.

Though uneven at times, Our Little World did a superb job of building the foundation for the rest of the season. For the past six weeks, we have all been wondering who or what the Darkness is. We were eventually given her name in Amara and now we know that she is in fact the sister of God, sacrificed for the creation of all existence. There are still quite a few questions up in the air like what her connection is to Dean and how can something so powerful be stopped but there is plenty of time left to get the answers. Overall, the episode was well balanced with the weak links being the scenes between Crowley and Amara. They felt terribly slow and made the story feel as though it was always being reset whenever it got back to the two of them. Moreover, Crowley has never come across as the parent type king of hell and we all knew that Amara would eventually break free so the motivation felt unjustified in the grand scheme of the season arc.

A particularly high point in the episode were the scenes between Castiel and Metatron. Castiel's story over the past few years has been brutal to watch. He's a character that always has the best intentions but is continually manipulated into doing the most terrible things and now he struggles to find redemption and purpose being apart from the angels. The scenes in Our Little World were a true culmination of the person he was before and what he has become. He still struggles with his anger at how terribly warped everything has become and he personally holds Metatron responsible for a lot of that. At any time, Castiel could have snuffed out the life of the former scribe God but he chose not to as he tries to get back to the being that could show mercy rather than hate. Misha Collins and Curtis Armstrong have shared the screen several times over the past few years but Our Little World will always be one the high points that shows just how far things have come since their first meeting.

To no one's surprise, the latest version of designer prom dresses has also failed to impress. Though she faired far better than the others, Samantha Isler as God's sister did little to impress but the blame can't be placed solely on her. While we know that Amara is God's sister and the Winchesters plan to stop her, the character itself is left prom dresses UK. She has a score to settle with God but we don't know if her plans are truly evil. Considering that God is almost entirely absent on the show, would it make a difference if she did settle her score? Would anyone notice? She already told Crowley that a world full of blue prom dresses UK doesn't appeal to her so how could Isler play the character one way or the other. Point being, if Supernatural wants us to get behind Amara and whoever plays her on that week, we need some idea of why she should be stopped besides sucking the odd soul and being a brat. Hopefully she will become an adult sooner rather than later as her entire aging process on the show has done nothing for the story and could have been done without entirely thus far.

Our Little World did a great job to answer burning questions and provide some degree of closure for Castiel. It looks like we'll be taking a break from the heavy stuff when the Supernatural returns with next week's episode, Plush.

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