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A call from an old friend has the boys heading back to Minnesota to solve the crime of the masked murder killers.

Still trying to figure out what his visions are trying to show him, Sam continues to pray to God but Dean is less than impressed but decides to save the conversation for another time after getting a call from The Winchesters head back to College Grove where the sheriff tells them about a man named Stan that was killed by someone wearing a strange rabbit costume mask. Dean doesn't think it's their type of case but Donna tells them that they can't get the mask off and aren't able to identify the killer. Later on when transferring the killer, Sheriff Donna and Officer Doug are unable to move the rabbit masked killer from his chair when he suddenly gets up and almost kills the two of them until Officer Doug fires three rounds into his short prom dresses. The killer drops to the ground and his rabbit mask finally comes off. The boys assume that the mask must have been cursed and later burn it with Sheriff Donna. Elsewhere at a high school gym, a young Brock Buckner is getting a spot from Coach Phil Evans while training for the next game. The Coach goes into his office and is then confronted by someone wearing a court jester outfit that almost beats the coach to death with a kettle bell but Brock manages to make the tackle just in time. Another attack by someone wearing a costume? Sam and Dean know they missed something and when interrogating the Jester, manage to drive the ghost out of her. The girl doesn't remember anything after she put the mask on so they decide to let her go and track down where the prom dresses under $100 came from. That leads them to the Dale residence. Apparently, Uncle Chester used to entertain at children's parties in the costumes until he took his own life...or did he? The Winchesters and Sheriff Donna will have to work fast if they want to stop Chester's ghost from claiming its next victim.

A valiant effort but not even a killer clown couldn't stop Plush from being an utterly drab. Though we are used to getting quite a bit of humour in the episodes that have featured Sheriff Donna (mostly because Briana Buckmaster is wonderful in the role), Plush felt like an empty, connect the dots story that was only going to end with the boys finally burning the last mask to save the day. Although Sheriff Donna and Officer Doug both had strong accents, no one else in the episode spoke that way whatsoever and that was a missed opportunity for the humour to come through. One liners about Bugs Bunny while a possessed killer wears a rabbit mask don't cut it. My other concern was how the final scene completely unravelled the lore that the episode had established when Chester materialized, knocked out Sam and almost killed Max's mother. If he could materialize at any time, why go through the trouble of possessing anyone in the first place? That scene defeated the purpose of everything that happened earlier for the sake of convenience and ending the story.

In other less surprising news, bland writing and poor performances by guest stars continue to hurt the quality of the show. It started this week with Kirt Purdy as Stan Hinkle, later on it was Bruce Blain as Coach Phil Evans, James R. Swalm as Brock Buckner and even Logan Williams as Max Dale. The writing for all of those characters is minor but it begins to add up when they all come across as flat. If you're familiar with The Flash, you may know that Logan Williams has also played a young Bari Allen multiple times and done a great job over there. Again, had the actors had some dialogue that they could play with and been told to use accents, I don't think the complaint would have been there.

Though the story surrounding Chester Dale was intriguing, Supernatural's reluctance to commit to a darker storyline hurt the episode. All we know is that Chester was accused of doing something inappropriate with Stan and Phil's children. They were accusations that the two of them took to Chester's sister who believed it any evidence or confronting her brother. My point being is that if the show is unwilling to address what he may have done in a way that makes sense for the story, why go that direction at all? Plush wasn't a better episode by suggesting that Chester was doing anything inappropriate with children. As it turned out, the parents were wrong about whatever it was Chester was accused of and killed for nothing. At least that's what we assume.

Marred by a convenient story and a lack of humour, Plush failed to live up to expectations. If anything, hopefully Just My Imagination will bring the comedy we should expect when Supernatural returns on Wednesday December 2nd.

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