Supernatural: The Devil in the Details

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You'll taunt me and torture me – and I'll say no. And eventually, sooner than you think, my brother's gonna walk through that door and kick your ass.

Stuck in the cage with nowhere to go, Sam is at the mercy of Lucifer. Sam assumes that the devil will taunt him and torture him but Lucifer has another plan: to make Sam an offer he can't refuse. Back on earth, Dean is driving towards the site where Amara was smited, trying to get a hold of Sam, when he is suddenly overcome with car sickness and has to pull over. He stumbles out of the car before throwing up when Castiel arrives. Castiel explains that Dean has smiting sickness due to the power that was unleashed on Amara. Angels are immune so Castiel can go to the site sans Winchester but Dean warns him to run if she's still alive. Castiel quickly finds out that she is and isn't very impressed by the angels. Back at the bunker, Dean gets a call from Crowley and he doesn't have good news about Sam. Undeterred by the news and willing to do anything to save his brother from the depths of hell, Dean is on his way. Crowley may be bad but Lucifer is worse but they still need Rowena to be able to get Lucifer back in his cage. With a smidgeon of persuasion and a witch catcher (think spiked dog collar but outside in), she will help. The only caveat is that the spell will take her five minutes to cast but if Sam utters the magic word before then, Lucifer is free.

Still riding the momentum from last year's mid-season finale, Supernatural returns without missing a beat in The Devil in the Details. In what you can only describe as a fantastic way to kick off the second half of the season, the pacing for the episode was quick but not so fast as to lose track of the story. The Devil in the Details also made sure to lay the foundation for the rest of the season as Amara is still alive and Lucifer is now inhabiting Castiel (more on that one later). The issue that still makes the season feel like it's dragging its feet is because of Amara. We still don't have a reason to care about her or why she stands out more than any other villain. Maybe Lucifer can change that.

Still stealing every second of the show as the father of lies, Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer continues to amaze. Pellegrino bounces back and forth between the devil that can charm and dazzle you with his lies and promises to the menacing monster that is aching to tear you apart. It's also impressive that he can do all of that and still come across as likeable and even humourous in lines like "Snappin' necks and cashin' cheques is what I do". Jared Padalecki also shows a great deal of vulnerability when Sam is confronted by the truth that he feels wrought with guilt that he let his brother down before and can't bear the thought of letting him die again.

Though I've given Ruth Connell a hard time before as Rowena, her final moments with Crowley were very powerful. As soon as Crowley asked his mother hates him we knew we were in for one hell of an answer and we got so much more than that. Connell gave Rowena the swan song the character deserved and truly owned those final moments. Rowena's hatred for Crowley was palpable and the memories of betrayal and helplessness still plagued her mind. She wanted to love Crowley but she couldn't bring herself to let herself feel love and be weak again. Lucifer ending her life was an inevitability but Crowley's love for her was unconditional. It broke the king of hell to watch her die.

Call me a nerd but as a fan of Supernatural from the beginning, did they just break their own rules of how an angel gets a vessel? I was glad that Lucifer mentioned Gabriel, Raphael and Michael but how exactly can Castiel become the host for Lucifer if he already occupying that vessel? It would be like me deciding to pour water into a glass and then the water deciding to have oil poured in. How does that work?

The Devil in the Details stumbled a few times but was a great way for Supernatural to return. Misha Collins has some big shoes to fill as Lucifer so we'll see where that takes us in next week's Into the Mystic.

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