Supernatural: We Happy Few

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It's like, the worst episode of Full House. Ever.

After Chuck saved Lucifer from the clutches of Amara, he and his favourite son have some serious relationship mending to do. Lucifer wants Chuck to apologize for what he did but Chuck doesn't think he's wrong. After a bit of help from the Winchesters and a lengthy back and forth, Chuck apologizes for locking his son away. In order to give Lucifer the power he needed to help defeat Amara, Chuck gave him the mark but it tainted him. It brought the worst of him to the surface and he knew that Lucifer could not live alongside humanity. After they make up, Chuck and Lucifer tells Sam and Dean that there combined power isn't enough since they are missing quite a few archangels but getting them back would take too much time. Instead, they get Sam to recruit Rowena and the witches coven, Dean to recruit Crowley and the demons and lastly, Lucifer/Castiel to convince the angels to join. After each group attacks her, Lucifer will set her up for Chuck to lock her away again. Dean wants to kill her once and for all but Chuck tells him that she is a necessary force and that without her, reality would end entirely. The fate of creation hangs in the balance and it's up to eternal enemies to band together to save it all.

Well, that was underwhelming. After twenty one episodes of buildup, We Happy Few could only be described as anticlimactic. Yes, I know that there is still the season finale but this episode was a let-down. Considering the first fifteen minutes was spent hashing out all of Chuck and Lucifer's issues, it was anything but the biblical conflict that the show has spent almost its entire run building. At this point, it was too late anyways as Supernatural already showed that Lucifer just couldn't stack up against Chuck or Amara. Besides that, the "recruiting" part of the episode was actually a lot of fun and it almost felt like a heist movie where a few people are putting the team together for the big job. Except in We Happy Few, it was a lot of build up for nothing.

The big showdown between Amara and Chuck was really over before it began. Rowena attacked with the coven and only she survived; followed by the angels smiting her while staying in heaven. Then the demons attacked in smoke form and pretty much beat the crap out Amara without taking any visible losses but then decided to take off right after that. After she staggered into the warehouse looking very worse for the wear, Lucifer impaled her with a spear. After getting the biggest beating since her first appearance on the show, she is still able to overcome Chuck, possibly kill Lucifer and completely recover in a matter of moments. All of this together just didn't seem logical and almost completely disengaged me from the episode.

What is also a double edged sword was the relationship scenes between Lucifer and Chuck. While it served to forward the story of allying Lucifer to fight Amara, their relationship was turned into a father and son relationship where the dad just happens to be God. The result was that Lucifer ended up looking like a petulant child that literally pouted in his room while listening to rock music. While that's a new spin on the devil, it completely diminished the threat that he used to be and any relatability in his desire to destroy humanity or the world. Basically, Lucifer is just the angry kid rather than the devil by the end of the episode. And what happened to him at the end of the episode? Did Lucifer die? I couldn't tell amidst the terrible vfx work.

We Happy Few may be setting up for an explosive (literally) finale for season eleven but I'm hoping Supernatural can finish strong with next week's Alpha and Omega.

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