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Hunters, no matter how good they are - all end up the same way.

With Sam still Tony's captive, Dean and Castiel have their work cut out to find him. As Tony's previous physical methods of persuasion had little success, she has moved onto the supernatural and now has Sam in a spell. Back at the bunker, Dean doesn't know how to handle his mom being back but Mary lets him know that she's in the exact same position; going so far as to tell Dean that she blames herself for the Yellow Eyed Demon coming for Sam all those years ago. Elsewhere, Rowena is having lunch with her latest beau when Crowley shows up dressed at the waiter. Crowley has plans for Lucifer but he needs Rowena's help to find him. She refuses because she wants out of the life in dank basements but when Crowley threatens to kill her new friends, she has little choice. Speaking of Lucifer, with the burning out one vessel after the next and has now set his eyes on Vince Vincente, a second tier rock star who can't cope after the loss of his girlfriend. It takes a bit of persuasion but Lucifer eventually gets Vince to say the magical word and then has his new vessel. After Castiel finds Sam' location, he calls Dean and lets him know that he think he's found Sam. Dean and Mary meet up with Castiel but Dean falls for a trap on the outside of the house, leaving Mary and Castiel to save the boys from Tony.

Although the importance of family was a big theme in the episode, Dean and Mary still didn't seem that concerned about Sam. As Dean mentioned to his mother, he and Sam realized that they were all that one another had yet where was the urgency to find his brother as soon as possible? Mary suggested that she felt the same but never once said anything along the lines about how important it was to see her son again; instead choosing to focus on her guilt for being responsible for what happened to Sam so many years ago by the Yellow Eyed Demon. Though she is adjusting to the changed world around her, she seems more focused on that than reconnecting with her sons.

After an average season opener, Supernatural does little to improve the trend with Mamma Mia. Though it's very early in the season, Mamma Mia has done little to set up the larger story taking place this season or given us little reason as to why we should be caring about Tony Kebell and the London chapter of the Men of Letters. What also makes the story more confusing is how Tony already had a mission to go to America and gain the trust of the hunters rather than go there and try to force the answers out of the Winchesters. Wouldn't it be easier if she attacked other hunters that weren't as well known for saving the world? Mick (Played by Adam Fergus) mentioned that they were aware of the Winchesters successes so they must know that they've done some good. This makes it more unclear with their intention to kill the brothers as people doing some good are still better than nothing at all. It's still quite early to tell and I'd rather wait and see what the payoff is.

Crowley's return last week wasn't memorable but his plan to take Lucifer on is starting to unfold. After forcing Rowena back into the fold, Crowley was able to track down the fallen angel but not destroy his vessel and force him back into the cage like had originally planned. It turned out to be an entertaining scene but simultaneously diminished what Crowley said about him being weak last week as that obviously wasn't the case. Speaking of Lucifer, his latest incarnation in Vince Vincente left a lot to be desired. Borrowing heavily from season five's Sympathy for the Devil, Lucifer possessing his latest vessel lacked the raw, emotional punch the original brimmed with. While Rick Springfield did a commendable job as Lucifer, he's not Mark Pellegrino who is, in my opinion, the only person that should ever play Lucifer on Supernatural.

Though I don't often comment on the cinematic presentation, there were a few scenes that were too awkward to be ignored. Vince Vincente's and the band's introduction at the concert felt entirely unnecessary and should have been cut from the episode. Mamma Mia could have had a single line where someone said "Great show Vince!" while he was in his dressing room and spared us all that cringe worthy band pose. Also, the fight scene between Mary and Tony was also incredibly stiff and felt very awkward. Supernatural isn't a show that will ever be known for its fight scenes but that one didn't look good.

Mamma Mia let me with a lot of questions and feeling the same way that Keep Calm and Carry On did last week. Hopefully that will change in the next episode, The Foundry.

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