Supernatural: Lost and Found

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The Devil has a son and his name is Jack.

After walking into the room with the newly born, naked, young adult Nephilim, Sam is kinda terrified. He asks Sam if he is his father but doesn't get the answer he was hoping for. Then Dean runs into the room and shoots the Nephilim. The result is the Winchester brother waking up hours later with no sign of the Nephilim known as Jack. Sam is upset with his brother as he was trying to appeal to Jack but Dean wants nothing more than to kill him. Nothing ever turns out for the Winchester brothers and Dean doesn't think this will be any different. Elsewhere, a naked Jack is still searching for his father at Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats. It's there that one of the staff calls his mother, the sheriff, to come and help out. After the sheriff takes Jack in, she's a little surprised by Jack's behavior and lack of understanding of the most basic things. Luckily for the boys, they stop into Pirate Pete's and get tipped off that Jack was there recently. Sam calls the sheriff and tells her to hold onto Jack until they get there. Shortly before they arrive, something sets Jack off with a loud ringing and seems to cause him pain. It's only when Sam drops him with a taser that everything seems to calm down; that is until the sheriff arrests all of them. Jack later wakes up in his cell with Sam and tells him that his father is not Lucifer but rather Castiel. He mentions that he chose Castiel to protect him. Just when Sam starts making progress, everything goes sideways when the angels arrive and are intent on taking Jack for themselves. Even if they somehow manage to survive, the Winchesters still have the son of Lucifer to contend with.

Overall, Lost and Found was a fairly consistent episode with only a few minor hitches that detracted from the overall story. To start, I was pleasantly surprised with the introduction of Jack. Barring the poorly done special effects, Jack wasn't the clichéd monster that has a villainous smirk and witty banter. He was learning throughout the episode and his transformation into something bad, something good, or a little bit of both will hopefully make the season interesting. For a season premiere, the tone of the episode immediately picked up from last season's finale and capped off with Castiel's funeral. I don't believe that Castiel is truly dead for a minute but the scene was heartfelt and felt like it was the chance to say goodbye to the events of last season, giving the show a fresh start for season thirteen.

What didn't have the impact that Lost and Found was hoping for was the sharp, pop culture sarcasm of the angel Miriam leading up to what would be a major moment for the episode. For an episode that was entirely devoid of humor, this really fell flat and was out of place. I understand the desire to inject some comedy into the story but it didn't suit the tone and came across like the angel was checking every social media account they have to catch up on the latest news before attacking a Nephilim. Besides that, the closing moments of Lucifer and Mary in an alternate dimension didn't help either. Coming off of Castiel's funeral scene, the shift was too sharp of a contrast and would have been better suited for the opening of the episode rather than the end. One of Supernatural's weaknesses is that they don't often let a strong emotional moment stand on its own and this was another one of those times.

All in all, Lost and Found was a strong start to season thirteen. Jack is as much of a mystery as he was at the end of last season and is now the new wild card of the show. We'll how Jack adjusts to life in the bunker when Supernatural returns next week.

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