Supernatural: The Rising Son

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A road trip with the devil's son is just about as complicated as you would expect.

After the events of last week, the Winchesters and Jack are headed back to the bunker in the impala. Dean still doesn't trust Jack but Sam thinks that he might be taking the loss of Castiel and Mary quite hard. Dean assures him that his mind is made up and that he knows they will have to kill Jack before he kills others. Meanwhile, in hell, the latest prince has emerged and his name is Asmodeus. After instilling his authority, he is quick to point out their new mission: find Lucifer and his son. With a long road ahead of them, the boys decide to stay the night in small motel before the last leg of the trip. It's shortly after that Donatello, the former prophet, shows up as he was drawn there to Jack's power. Elsewhere, in the Bizarro dimension, Mary is still being lead by Lucifer as the prince of darkness intends on keeping her alive in order to trade her for his son - if he ever manages to find a way out of that dimension. Back on earth, the demons have found Jack and Asmodeus intends to use him to free a terrible evil long since forgotten. It's up to the Winchesters to stop Jack before he can unleash this evil on the world.

Besides a few good scenes with Jack, The Rising Son didn't have much to offer for fans of Supernatural. Overall, The Rising Son was a dull episode that meandered its way to the end. Very little happened and what did was anticlimactic. Though his introduction may have been well intentioned, Asmodeus only represents a clichéd villain that was about to twirl his mustache at any moment. The character felt over the top and not in keeping with the tone of the Supernatural to the point where he couldn't be taken seriously at all. Hopefully he won't end up sticking around for long as another prince of hell does little to further the story more than they already have. Besides that, the scenes with Mary and Lucifer in the Bizarro world continue to be an unnecessary distraction as they kill the momentum of the plot each episode and the story doesn't progress enough to make it truly interesting. While the battle between Michael and Lucifer could have been something to get truly excited for, in the end it felt pointless due to the dull cinematography and poor choreography. Watching the fight looked more like a middle school brawl than two mythical angels do battle. The reliance on sound effects to sell the battle was a good idea but was entirely unsupported by the fight itself. The episode wasn't entirely bad but rather just boring as the focus was on too many things to really make one of them great.

The highlight of The Rising Son was easily the scenes between Sam and Jack. For fans of Supernatural, the relationship between Sam and Jack is somewhat of a father son relationship and that's new territory for Sam as a character. Jared Padalecki and Alexander Calvert have good chemistry with one another and that really helps to sell the genuine nature of their relationship. Jack trusts Sam while Sam is hoping to help Jack become a good person and preferably not die in the process.

The Rising Son just had too much going on to feel like a good episode. With the introduction of a lame villain in Asmodeus, Mary in another dimension, Sam and Dean with Jack and finally being attacked by demons, it all feels like a bit much to cram into such a short amount of time and it didn't work out. Maybe next week's episode, Patience, will be a bit more focused.

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