Supernatural: The Scar

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A trip to Sioux Falls for the Winchesters always has two things: Jody Mills and dead bodies.

After Sam brings Dean back to the bunker, he can see that his brother is uneasy. Dean, however, wants to remember what happened and is startled when he sees two large scars on his arm. He asks Castiel to force his memories to return and it's then that he remembers a flashback of the person that killed Kaia stabbing his arm with a large, two-pronged spear. They give Jody Mills a call and let her know that the thing that killed Kaia is probably in their world now. Obviously troubled, they race down to Sioux Falls and learn that Jody has three dead bodies for a case, all with similar stab wounds to Dean's scar. Jack and Castiel both intended on going but when a young woman named Laura shows up after being hexed by a witch, Castiel is asked to stay behind and help and babysit Jack. This doesn't sit well with the powerless Nephilim – forcing jack to consider whether the bunker is still the right place for him to stay. Back in Sioux Falls, the Winchesters and Jody Mills manage to track the thing that attacked Dean only to discover that it's Kaia. After losing her, tracking her and eventually getting the drop on her, they learn that this Kaia is from the dark place; she didn't mean to kill Kaia as her real target was Claire. She's been killed the three men that came after her because Michael sent more superpowered vampires to take her down after she stabbed him in the arm. With mega vamps on their trail, do they trust this new Kaia or take their chances against the new minions of the archangel.

Serving more as another setup for the upcoming season of Wayward Sisters, The Scar did very little to further the momentum of season fourteen. Essentially, Dean is back and the new Kaia is also alive and may or may not be good. Also, Dean feels guilty for unleashing a terrible evil on the world and Jack is still finding his place. If it all sounds familiar that's because this keeps happening almost every season – except the Jack thing. That was just last season. At three episodes in, season fourteen is doing little in terms of tone or story to differentiate itself from last season. Michael is creating an army of powerful vampires and werewolves to take over the world, kill all of the humans and then remake everything in his image. Besides the monsters, this is all stuff that Lucifer has been doing on an off for years and if Michael's plan doesn't reveal itself to be something far different or for different reasons, this may end up being a parody of previous seasons rather than something fresh.

A big detractor for the episode was also the performance of Yadira Guevara-Prip as Kaia. Guevara-Prip's delivery in nearly every scene is tame and teetering on flat. Kaia might be an interesting character but Guevara-Prip does nothing to sell that or get me interested in where Kaia might end up. She will undoubtedly play a big role in Wayward Sisters but that might not be for the best. Kim Rhodes is a seasoned vet as Jody Mills but her chemistry with Ackles and Padalecki was there from the moment she was on Supernatural. Guevara-Prip's interrogation scene with Jensen Ackles under delivered and her performance didn't hold up.

The Scar was an average episode that's a part of season fourteen but there was nothing memorable about it and it's likely to be forgotten in the shuffle. Sure, the moments with Jack were a cute, refreshing change of pace to the rest of the The Scar but it all seemed too easy that Jack suddenly figured everything out without a single reference to a book or his training as a hunter. It was a good moment but one that should have been a bit more on the nose to bring it home. Here's hoping we get a bit ore to bit into in next week's Mint Condition.

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