Supernatural: Prophet and Loss

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The Impala confessional.

Dean Winchester has a plan. To save the world, he plans on locking himself in a coffin and being dropped into the ocean. Sam is unwilling to let his brother go through this alone and while they prepare, he is intent on doing everything he can to stop his brother from going through with it. He knows that if Dean goes through with it, the archangel inside of him could keep him alive forever inside that coffin. While the two of them continue to drive and consider what lies ahead, a woman has been drowned in a saltwater tub while her wrists were cut and a man was murdered and his chest was carved with a strange language. Sam gets wind of this in his research and convinces Dean that they have a case on their hands as the strange language is Enochian – the language of the angels. The Winchesters visit the victim of the man that was killed and confirm that it was his older twin brother that was killed by their friend, Antonio Alvarez. After investigating Antonio's home, they find it covered in Enochian and confirm that he also just happens to be the next in line to become a prophet after Donatello. Antonio is hearing the rumblings of Donatello while his mind attempts to reset itself from his coma. Whatever happens, they need to stop Antonio and then go back for Donatello to make sure this never happens again.

Leaning hard on the bond between Sam and Dean, Prophet and Loss was a good episode that only stumbled when it took on more than it needed. Following last week's Damaged Goods, Den's journey to save the world and sacrifice himself continues as he is hellbent on preventing Michael from getting loose at all costs. Although it's the noble thing to do, Sam can't let his brother go. The many years of the two of them being there for one another and never giving up came back strong in Prophet and Loss. It reminds long-time fans why the Winchesters are so compelling and how Supernatural has always been about family at its core. With the murders from Alvarez, season fourteen has again set up a new possible solution for saving Dean now that a prophet is back in the game.

The weakest aspect of Prophet and Loss, and largely season fourteen, continues to be Nick's struggles as he copes with the grief of his family and the loss of Lucifer. To start, his escape from the hospital was very poor writing and entirely unbelievable. For one person that is wanted for so many murders, it's a good thing that there was one police officer there that ignored all protocols for that to happen. The other terrible mistake that Prophet and Loss made was going back to his home and trying to recapture the loss and emotion of when Nick was first introduced into Supernatural so many years ago. The original scene is one of the most memorable moments in the entire series and the scene here did nothing to add to that. Nick's loss of his family has always been felt in his grief and because Mark Pellegrino is a great actor but having his wife appear as a ghost was awful. Mary's return to Supernatural works (somewhat) because it's the original actress from the pilot of the series fourteen years ago. Nick's wife has never been a part of the show and it all felt forced. What made the scene that much weaker is how Nick walked out and chose Lucifer over his family. Had he decided to stay in the home where the tragedy took place and again chose Lucifer when he eventually returns, it would seriously make us all question if his first choice was because of his loss or because he always wanted that.

Prophet and Loss is a good episode of Supernatural but also marred by how much time was spent with Nick to the point that it distracted from everything happening between Sam and Dean. Now that Dean has decided to keep fighting and a prophet is here to mix things up, the second half of the season clearly has a lot in store. It all starts with Supernatural's 300th episode next week, Lebanon.

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