Supernatural: Last Call

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How Dean got his groove back.

Sick of sitting around the bunker while Sam and Eileen make googly eyes at each other, Dean has found a case in Texhoma, Texas where a woman claims that her friend, Angela Sullivan, went to the rapture when she turned around. With his hunter senses tingling, Dean makes this trip on his own, insisting that Sam and Eileen continue their search for any and all things Chuck. After doing some investigative legwork with the local sheriff, Dean's search leads him to the local watering hole, Swayze's. After a quick chat with the server he sees that his old friend and fellow hunter, Leo Webb. After retiring from the game, Leo settled down and purchased the bar where he plans on living out the rest of his days. Back at the bunker, Castiel arrives and believes that a piece of Sam's soul may be stuck inside Chuck ever since he used the super gun. It's a long shot but it may be the only way they have of locating god and getting one step ahead of the creator. Back in Texas, Dean is having quite the time as he catches up with Leo; they have a few drinks, laughs and even sing a song on stage. It's all going well until a few patrons start causing a fuss but after that's settled, Dean finally sees Angela's friend that claims she went to the rapture. Leo isn't buying her story but if something happened, Dean must do something about it.

While not the strongest episode, Last Call did just enough to remind Dean Winchester why being a hunter still matters. Relatively slow paced, Last Call focused on the relationship between Dean and Leo and for the most part, it was good but it was the conclusion that was the most satisfying part of the episode when Dean eventually gained the upper hand over Leo in their fight. After impaling Leo with the broken pool cue, Leo accepted that he lost and gave up. Knowing his life was moments from ending, he was happy that Dean was the one to end him in a moment that was a subtle mix between forgiveness and relief that it was all over. Though that exchange anchored Last Call, the fight leading up to it felt clumsy and slow. Overly long camera cuts and a simplistic fight didn't help sell that this was a fight between Dean and a retired hunter that John Winchester called the best fighter he had ever seen. Besides that, hopefully we have seen the last of mopey Dean Winchester. Dean has been sulking for too long this season and Sam's efforts to motivate him have felt stale for some time. Sam went through it when Dean died, Dean went through it when Sam died, they both went through it after Bobby died and the list goes on. Nearly every season has the moment where either Sam or Dean need to be reminded why they continue to be hunters and this plot thread has been done to death.

Though not overly satisfying, Sam and Castiel's side plot did just enough to keep the season arch moving forward. Chuck's involvement with the season so far has largely been running away and sending other monsters and demons at the Winchesters. Now that Sam has seen the connection between himself and Chuck and knows that Chuck can be beat. How that unravels is the exciting pat of the season as this is still god that we're talking about – not a monster or prince of hell with great power but the creator of all things. I doubt there is a manual on how to kill him just lying around. Where this goes will make or break the season and I'm crossing my fingers that Supernatural can make this an exciting payoff.

As a guest star, Christian Kane as Leo Webb did a pretty solid job. Known largely for his stints on Angel and Leverage, Kane's chemistry with Jensen Ackles was great. The two of them truly felt like old friends catching up over a few drinks. It may have been fan service but why not have two actors, that also happen to be singers, use that in an episode. As an audience, it was easy to see how much fun Supernatural is having during its final season.

Last Call was a good episode of Last Call that relit the fire in Dean and pulled the story forward. Now that the gang is back together, let's see how they hold up when Adam Winchester returns on Supernatural's last midseason finale, Our Father Who Aren't in Heaven.

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