Supernatural: Galaxy Brain

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So God walks into a Radio Shed...

When browsing the latest selection of TVs and home theatre equipment, the sales associate shows Chuck all of the options that he has available. There's so many that Chuck realizes he doesn't need more – he needs less. The "real" Sam and Dean are in one world, so why would he need the others? Back on our world, Sheriff Jody Mills is responding to an odd call about a dead cow. It all seems standard until she hears a strange noise from the nearby barn. She investigates and but is suddenly blindsided just as she sees her attacker. Meanwhile, at the bunker, Sam is worried about Jack. He only just returned from the void and doesn't have a soul. Castiel trusts Jack and Dean trusts Castiel. It's a solid circle of trust but Dean knows Billie must have a plan in all of this. Moments later, Dean gets a call from Jody – she's in trouble and unless the boys show to help, she's dead. Sam and Dean rush to Jody only to walk straight into Dark Kaia's trap. It's a quick fight but they manage to gain the upper hand. Dark Kaia wants her spear back but more than anything else, she wants to go home because the original Kaia is still alive. Not willing to sit back, the Winchesters will help Dark Kaia and save their friend...the other, er, real Kaia.

Returning from hiatus, Supernatural continues building to the end with Galaxy Brain. Faced with the dual task of building towards the end of a fifteen year series, Galaxy Brain does an ok job of he juggling act but it's the story with Dark Kaia and Kaia that ends up being dropped more often than not. A large part of this is due to timing and how this episode takes place so long after Dark Kaia gave the Winchesters her spear and the events of Angel Dean is long past. I understand that episode, and everything with Kaia, was originally supposed to lead into the spin-off series, Wayward Sisters, but that didn't happen and it made Kaia's story feel irrelevant. It also made the story very confusing as to whether Jack and the Winchesters were saving Kaia because it was the right thing to do or because they felt guilty. The result is the same but the boys always seemed torn if helping Kaia was worth risking Chuck's wrath.

Speaking of Chuck, the wheels continue to turn for the creator of the Supernatural universe as he destroys one reality after the next. Each scene was quite entertaining as he gets closer and closer to the finale. The build to his demise, or whatever happens, continues to get better and better with each episode. On the flip side of that are the scenes with Billie. Billie is a character that I've never been sold on and this episode didn't help that. She has the plan because she's Death, except the plan comes from the books and they write themselves. So, she only has a plan because something gives it to her. The whole concept undercuts any credibility that Death entirely and actually weakens the character.

As much as this season has been about fan service, no one can argue that Supernatural isn't making every effort to tie up loose ends and give characters a send-off. Kaia was trapped in the Dark world for quite some time and Supernatural could have easily given her the Barb treatment from Stranger Things season one but they gave Kaia most of an episode and still found a way to tie that into Billie's plan and the larger picture. Was Dark Kaia the fully matured character that she was intended to be? Nope, but Supernatural is doing right by the fans and giving us all the chance to say goodbye. They didn't give us any more details about that plan than we have several months ago but that's a different review.

Galaxy Brain was a good, not great, episode of Supernatural. As the show continues its trajectory towards the end, it appears we won't have many questions left once it's all settled. We'll see what happens in next week's episode, Destiny's Child.

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