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My rant for today: The hot teevee gossip right now is that NBC is looking to spinoff The Office. Don't get me wrong; even if my love has cooled somewhat, there's still a lot to like about the show. Angela, Kelly, Stanley (very excited to see this week's episode!), Dwight "Danger" Shrute...the list goes on and on. But there have been persistent rumblings that the hour-long episodes were already too much of a good thing. NBC is not in the best of shape these days; is this worth the risk when a so-so spinoff could easily damage what is actually a pretty rare commodity these days - a healthy tv franchise? I have serious doubts.

The only good news here is that, if it does happen (it is by no means certain,) they aren't planning to snurch any of the original cast members. That's good because if Creed goes, so do I.

My current rave is allllll about Jason Jones of The Daily Show. "Is America Ready for a FLILF"? Genius. This man does not get nearly as much attention as he deserves. I hunted down Jason Jones and the Gay Translator last week and giggled straight through it again. (When the disco ball comes out, I lose it completely.) Thank you, Viacom, for unlocking The Daily Show vault. Wading through the clips of eight years of the show is a hedonistic delight.

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