Chuck: Chuck Versus the Sandworm

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Have you ever noticed the part with the throwing stars right at the end of the credits? Awesome. Also, let's just get this out there right now: Zachary Levi makes me all shivery. He so fine.

Brief Rundown: This guy Laszlo is wanted by all our friendly neighbourhood government agencies. Chuck recognizes him in his intercepty-brain and alerts the necessary parties. Laszlo is played by Paul from She's the Man, so he is automatically awesome, even if he weren't legitimately awesome. If you haven't seen that movie, then you have no right to judge, for it is awesome, and he has some of the awesomest moments in it.

Anyway, Laszlo, who's been government property since he was 11 because he's some kind of genius, apparently killed his handlers, but he holds Chuck at water gunpoint and convinces him that he's innocent. Chuck takes him out for pancakes and gets some paranoia planted in his brain as a thanks. It's not really unwarranted paranoia, as he goes home and finds bugs everywhere in his house. Listening bugs, not crawly bugs. Chuck is unimpressed.

The guy after Laszlo is, I swear, Agent Scary, played by Rick Hoffman. I have never been able to decide if he is awesome and creepy, or just gross and creepy. He tells Sarah that Laszlo wants to make a bomb. A big one. After some other nonsense involving a car chase, Chuck figures out through flashes that Laszlo wants to bomb the Santa Monica Pier. Using Chuck's Nerd Herd car. Chuck's mad Laszlo lied to him, but through all the screaming manages to diffuse the bomb (by cutting the green wires even though Laszlo told him the red would stop it). The world is saved.

Subplots: Chuck is supposed to interview for the assistant manager position, but bails to save the world. He loses to Harry Tang. Also, Awesome takes Morgan under his wing and teaches him how to be a man. Also, it's Halloween.

The Title Explained: Chuck and Morgan always team up as a giant sandworm at Halloween. It has to be seen to be believed.

Best Sarah/Chuck Scene: Sarah gives Chuck a picture of the two of them (it's Photoshopped), and Chuck says they almost look like a real couple. Sarah tells him they are a real couple, they're just a different sort of a couple. It's cute and touching in context.

Sarah/Chuck Status: The usual. She still doesn't know she wants him; he still thinks he can never have her.

Cutest Chuck Moment: His indignant "enh-heh-heh-heh" when Casey calls him on how uninteresting his bedroom buggings have been, as far as "two-person intimacy" goes. Also when Morgan tells him "Bully for you" about his job interview, and he replies with a befuddled "Hwat?"

Awesomest Captain Awesome Moment: Awesome will be dressed as Adam for Halloween this year. He shows Chuck his costume, which is awesome nude-coloured briefs with some awesome leaves pasted in the right place. Awesome: Yo, Chuckster. Guess what I am. Chuck: You're... naked?

Dumbest Morgan Moment: Mystery Crisper. This is a game wherein all the staff gather in the lunchroom to watch Morgan blindfold himself and eat whatever is pulled from the staff fridge's crisper – where food goes to die. The gunk he eats is truly appalling.

Kickassingest Casey Moment: Casey's pissed because Chuck and Sarah are leaving him out of the loop on some stuff, and he feels like the guy who always gets picked last – Team Chuck's "little fat kid," if you will. Aw, Casey.

This Week's Guess on Sarah's Real Name: Carrie Lisa Fisher

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