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I love the credits so much.

Brief Rundown: George Fleming, a professor at Stanford and a CIA asset (a scientist, not an operative), has gone missing, presumably stolen by some kind of Icelandic hitman whose weapon of choice is the crossbow, and the Important People need Chuck to help them find said professor. They figure Chuck will be helpful, based on his knowledge of Fleming and Stanford, but Fleming is the guy who kicked Chuck out of Stanford, and Chuck is displeased. Chuck cleans out his old Stanford crap from his closet and in the process, comes across his old student card... and flashes on himself. Ruh-roh!

Casey and Sarah lead the search and when a red light camera pulls up the Icelandic dude, Casey finds out he's living nearby. They head over there, where Chuck is, as usual, told to wait in the car, but, as usual, something happens to lure him out. And that something is Professor Fleming walking by the car in sunglasses and a baseball. He runs away when Chuck calls his name, but Chuck chases after him, and they have a nice time catching up until the professor falls into Chuck's arms, nearly dead from crossbow. This doesn't really bode well for our intrepid hero, for while he is pinned under the kebabbed professor, the Icelandic hitman comes to within point blank range of his pretty little face. But instead of shooting Chuck, he takes a piece of paper with some numbers on it from the professor and stalks off. Sarah and Casey come running out, juuuuust a little on the late side.

Chuck figures out that the numbers point to a specific book in the Stanford library, and thus is forced to face his worst nightmare and road trip to Stanford for a UCLA vs. Stanford football game with Ellie, Captain Awesome, and Awesome's UCLA frat brothers ("bras" is the correct term, I believe). Fortunately (?), Casey and Sarah tag along, and when they get to the library they see that Mr. Iceland has beaten them there – only he didn't find what he was looking for, but Chuck does, and as we'll find out in a bit, it's a minidisc containing lists and video of all the students recruited from Stanford into the CIA. Oh, but Iceland is still there, and chasing and running ensues. Oh, and Chuck? Is on the minidisc as being recruited in 2003.

Chasing, shooting, Chuck pops the disc into a computer and calls all the students on the list, and luckily they show up at just the right time, bearing large weapons. Chuck, however, is being hunted with a crossbow in an adjacent room. Fortunately for him, Iceland seems to just want the disc, and some hot chick comes in and pulls a few sweet karate moves on the bad dude.

So, MAN, okay, Chuck takes the disc home and looks himself up on it, and the video on there is supposed to be the professor interviewing Chuck, but Bryce walks in instead, and what we all find out along with Chuck and Sarah is that Bryce framed Chuck for cheating in order to save him from a life in the CIA. Chuck was acing all the tests and was "promising" and was supposed to be used for some military operation in Omaha, but Bryce knew that this kind of life would ruin Chuck because his heart is too good (all together now, Awwwww!). Chuck understandably feels awful for hating Bryce all this time.

Sarah takes the disc and tells Chuck no one can know about this for Chuck's own safety, and we end the episode with Chuck pulling his box of Stanford stuff out of the garbage and flashing back to when he first met Bryce.

Subplots: Harry Tang has begun his reign of terror at the Buy More, instituting all kinds of ridiculous rules. Harry Tang is so damn creepy. He even goes so far as to create one master remote that controls all the TVs in the store, so none of the employees can watch what they want. The employees stage a coup (involving Anna's seducing Harry Tang... creepy, but awesome), but Lester betrays them and Harry Tang catches Morgan in the act of breaking into his locker and sentences him to "the Hole." And what do you think the Hole is? Why, Customer Service! Bwah. Morgan manages to reprogram Harry Tang's mega-remote, and is able to bribe his way out of the Hole and prove to us all who is the better man. (I'll give you a hint: It's not Harry Tang.)

Best Sarah/Chuck Scene: At Stanford, Sarah asks Chuck why he thinks Bryce betrayed him, and he says it doesn't really matter; Bryce has betrayed a lot of people, hasn't he? It's all very poignant, especially in light of how the episode turns out.

Sarah/Chuck Status: Nothing new here.

Cutest Chuck Moment: Cute Chuck Moment #1: Professor Fleming, right before he gets skewered, tells Chuck that a code phrase to let other agents know you're with the CIA is "Are you coming to the toga party?" Chuck is overwhelmed with joy at the knowledge of a) a code phrase, and b) this particular code phrase. It really needs to be seen. (Plus, he gets to use the code phrase at Stanford later when calling the student operatives, and it totally works! Hee.) Cute Chuck Moment #2: At the UCLA/Stanford game, some clown runs by Chuck, all "Woooooooooo!!!!!" and Chuck gives a little "Woo, you!" back. Heehee.

Awesomest Captain Awesome Moment: Captain Awesome is kind of boring in this episode. Better luck next time, Awesome!

Dumbest Morgan Moment: There isn't one, because Morgan steals the awesome from Awesome throughout this entire episode. I mean, he bests Harry Tang. Nicely done, Morgan. Just don't refer to yourself as "the Grimes" anymore, mmkay?

Kickassingest Casey Moment: At the UCLA/Stanford game, the Nature Conservancy's got a booth set up, and one of the tree huggers approaches Casey to ask him to donate a tree. Casey crumples up his brochure and throws it at the guy's chest, all, "You wanna save our environment, huh? Take a shower, hippie." Ahaha! (By the way, the hippie is revealed to be a CIA operative later.)

This Week's Guess on Sarah's Real Name: Lisa Lisa Lisa

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