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Finally, some movement in the Sarah *hearts* Chuck area. What happens is that Rachel Bilson shows up needing Chuck to fix her Blackberry (or similar), and Chuck is a little smitten, which is to be expected because, hellooooo, Rachel Bilson, and also because she actually likes him, like for real, not because the CIA is paying her to (or not to...), and Sarah gets a little jealous. But she still manages to lie her pants right into spontaneous combustion when Chuck asks her, under pressure of truth serum, whether they could actually ever be anything. She said no! She is a lying liar! How Chuck can be SO naïve that he doesn't figure out that she's developed immunity or resistance or whatever to truth serum is beyond me. But if Rachel Bilson stays around for an episode or two while Chuck, and Sarah, figure this out, I will not complain.

But yeah, about that truth serum stuff. In our spyplot, MARSHALL FLINKMAN shows up as the world's shortest bad guy to get this computer chip with important nuclear stuff on it from this other guy using some evil truth poison. This other guy nearly stumbles right into Chuck, Sarah, Ellie and Awesome on their double date before collapsing. Ellie, being as she is a doctor, rushes to help, and thusly does she get dragged into this week's spy drama. The dude slips her the chip before he succumbs to the poison and kicks the bucket.

So Marshall Flinkman is after Ellie and ends up poisoning her. Before she collapses, she goes on an all-out truth spree that fortunately for everyone doesn't involve anything too incriminating, and especially fortunately for us, is hilarious. But alas, she does collapse, and heads into a bit of a coma. Chuck, Sarah and Casey go racing around trying to find her an antidote and instead find themselves poisoned, which leads us to the asking and the lying and the silliness. At any rate, Sarah pulls some bad-assery with Marshall Flinkman (who is a retired gymnast, awesomely) and they get their antidote and the chip and all's well that ends well.

In other news, Casey is everyone's hero this week when he manages to get Harry Tang to defect to Oahu. No, really! When Harry Tang happens upon our intrepid heroes conversing with the bigwigs in the home theatre room (he is looking for Morgan and his wife to be in there having sex... no, I'm serious), Casey convinces him that Chuck is small potatoes and Harry Tang is the big potato and the CIA needs him to relocate and it's this whole awesome thing that you just really had to see. Also, it turns out it's actually Big Mike who's been boinking Harry Tang's wife, heh.

Oh, and they use Britney Spears' "Toxic" during the antidote hunt (awesome), and at the end of the episode, Chuck "breaks up" with Sarah (right when you and I and Sarah all think he's going in for a kiss instead) and goes after Rachel Bilson. Atta boy, Chuck.

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metal2000 says...

I liked this one a lot. Maybe it's just because we saw Sarah in a nighty and Rachel Bilson in, well, who cares... just existing in the realm of the show.

The plots are so ridiculously cheesy, but somehow that is one of the things I like about this show. They do it in a way that is both comedic and also a bit of an homage to the great (and cheesy) spy films of the 70s and 80s, while also bringing the geeks into the picture. It's a near-perfect combination!

Nov 14, 2007 12:54am

Ariana says...

The cheesy spy stuff reminds me a bit of Get Smart. It's ridiculous in an awesome way.

Nov 15, 2007 12:05am

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