Chuck: Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami

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This week, EVEN MORE development in the Sarah *hearts* Chuck area. There is kissing, people. Real kissing. But first I have some spy business to take care of...

So there are these smugglers and no one really knows what they're smuggling, but it's bad and most likely explosive and also maybe nuclear. One of these guys is named Stavros and is Rachel Bilson's ex, or so she says (dun dun dun!). In tonight's recap: Overuse of the word "smuggling." Read on for more!

Through a long and complicated series of events involving a guitar pin, a VIP room, and Lou's becoming extremely jealous of Sarah, it's determined that Lou is a part of this smuggling ring. Only it turns out that she's smuggling illegal imported sausages (hence the episode title). So we still don't know what really bad thing the really bad smugglers are smuggling. Can I say smuggling a few more times?

So Sarah is also getting increasingly jealous of Lou (Chuck is pulling in an abnormal amount of jealousy this episode), which is manifesting in an unusual amount of protectiveness of Chuck. No, more than the usual unusual amount. It would be creepy if she weren't hot, I guess.

But lucky for her, Chuck and Lou are fighting now because of Lou's jealousy of Sarah that I alluded to a couple of paragraphs up, so Chuck takes some Gerbera daisies (at Sarah's suggestion; she did a little background work on Lou) to the deli and manages to win his lady back, but not before she makes him work for it. Well, that's all well and good, but then Chuck follows her to her sausage pickup and they get in another fight. All is not well and good.

Soon, our intrepid heroes are on a mission to intercept the smuggling of the smuggled thing (the bad one, not the sausage), and Casey gets info on the pickup location from Lou... which is really good, because Sarah and Chuck went ahead and seem to have found themselves a little... tied up, with the potential for torture looming. Casey arrives just in the nick of time, of course, and while he shoots up the place a little, Sarah and Chuck head over to find the bad smuggled thing, which they are assuming is a bomb. They crack the crate and find there is only about a minute left on the timer attached to this very bomb-looking tubular device. And what's this? Oh no! They cannot diffuse it! Chuck can't do it! They're going to die!

Let me ask you, what would you do if you thought you had seconds to live and you were standing there with Zachary Levi? Well, if you're any kind of red-blooded woman, you'd do what Sarah does: you'd grab him and you'd kiss him, kiss him good. If you are not red-blooded and/or a woman, I can't speak for you.

And this kiss, it is an excellent kiss. Until they realize they are not dead and nothing has blown up. Hmm... shouldn't have assumed it was a bomb, should you have? Sarah tries to diffuse the situation (I'm so punny) with a little light-hearted comment about the good news (being alive) versus the bad news (how uncomfortable they are). Chuck tells her he is not at all uncomfortable, thank you very much.

Chuck goes to see Lou, and they decide to break up for real, but there is no bitterness on Lou's part, for she knows Chuck's an undercover agent... for the FDA. She just wonders whether Chuck liked her for real. Hmm, that sounds familiar. Chuck tells her that she's everything he's looking for, but he just can't look right now. So that's that. Bye, Rachel Bilson! It was fun having you around.

Sarah and Casey are present as the bomb squad dismantles the non-bomb and tries to figure out what is, for lack of a better term, making it tick. And what, what, you ask, could it possibly be? Well, the countdown was measuring an oxygen supply, not a detonation time, so...

Oh, it's just Bryce Larkin in a big metal tube, not dead at all.

And over this discovery, Chuck is leaving Sarah a voicemail asking her on a real date. (Casey, about Bryce: "Didn't I kill him?") How could this happen? Will these two starcrossed lovers never be together? Alas!

Also, in Morganland, Shorty McShortenstein overhears Anna say that she'd take him over Jeff (that's the creepster balding dude), and Morgan, of course, takes this to mean that she wants him and wants him bad. They're hanging out in the home theatre room one night, playing Call of Duty or some such, and he makes a move. It... doesn't go well for him. But! All is not lost! Something snaps in Anna and she changes her mind and next time, Call of Duty is more like Call of Booty. (Oh, snap!) So Morgan is dating Anna. But when Chuck tells him about his and Lou's breakup, Morgan dumps Anna over the store intercom so he can have more time for his Chuckins. Chuck tells him that aaaaaaaaactually he might be getting back together with Sarah, and Morgan scrambles. Morgan and Anna are cute in a horribly awkward way, so I hope she takes him back. I guess they wanted to leave us with a cliffhanger for next week – tune in to find out if Morgan and Anna are MFEO!

Oh, and also that Bryce thing. That might be interesting, too.

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