Chuck: Chuck Versus the Nemesis

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Soooooo, Bryce is alive. Also, it's Black Friday, which I hear is some... kind of... shopping... thing? I wouldn't know; I'm Canadian and I don't like shopping. Only one of those reasons is a lie. So it's Black Friday and Big Mike is predicting something very, very bad and scary for the Buy More. He puts the Nerds on security duty and appoints Morgan to train them for the big event.

But back to Bryce. He's alive, ruining Chuck's life again. Their first face-to-face meeting is a little rough, with Bryce convinced Chuck's a fake Chuck until he speaks Klingon to him. Nice. Oh, but then he hostageizes Chuck in order to get out of whatever high security place they've got him. Once they've booked, Bryce tells Chuck he never would have hurt him, and they have a nice little convo in which it is determined that yes, Chuck does indeed have the intersect files in his head. Bryce continues to book it, minus Chuck.

Later, at Thanksgiving dinner (present are Chuck, Ellie, Awesome, Sarah, Morgan, Anna and Casey), Chuck is sent to the car to retrieve something and comes across Bryce in the courtyard. Bryce asks Chuck to let him talk to Sarah. Chuck unsubtly (not that anyone else notices) mouths to Sarah that Bryce is in his bedroom. Hiding on the ceiling. Sarah's startled jump is much smaller than my own. They talk a bit and then they kiss. Chuck sees them through the crack in his door. Chuck, unsubtly again, sends Casey in to take care of the Sarah/Bryce situation. Bryce runs.

Our intrepid heroes find Bryce in Casey's apartment, and things are going well-ish until Casey comes in, sees Bryce there, and shoots him in the chest... but he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Turns out Bryce isn't rogue at all, but had been recruited by a super secret black ops arm of the CIA called Fulcrum, only they weren't really CIA at all. (Jennifer Garner? Is that you? You're looking awfully blonde these days.) Fulcrum thinks Bryce is the Intersect, and Bryce wants to be handed over to the real CIA for protection.

They need a public spot with lots of witnesses for the transfer, so Chuck suggests the Buy More on Black Friday. Everything goes smoothly until the car Bryce and Sarah are in with the CIA guys gets t-boned at an intersection (just as Bryce is about to kiss Sarah, again, some more) and Chuck is approached by the evil bad Fulcrum dude at the Buy More. Ruh-roh. They've got the Buy More cased and evil bad dude is perfectly willing to kill every single person in the store if need be. But Sarah and Bryce (barely shaken up by the accident, but faking unconsciousness) manage to outsmart the agents trying to snag them at the crash site. And when Chuck, back at the Buy More, is approached by Jeff in a panic, and evil bad dude gives Chuck only one word or he kills Jeff, he tells Jeff "pineapple," which is the code word to clear the entire store in case of a disaster. Jeff puts out the alert, Anna pulls the fire alarm, Casey uses the distraction to beat his captors down (oh, did I not mention they'd neutralized Casey too?), and all the civilians are saved. Casey has a shootout with the evil bad dudes in the Buy More, and Sarah and Bryce show up just in time to do some wicked kung fu fighting and save the day.

Well, until evil bad dude manages to steal Chuck and holds a gun to his head. Bryce and Chuck say something to each other in Klingon and suddenly, Bryce shoots Chuck in the shoulder. Casey uses the distraction to bash evil bad dude over the head. And Chuck is wearing a vest, so he's fine but whiny about how much getting shot hurts. Oh, man up, Bartowski. NSA guys posing as firefighters enter, secure the premises, and begin the cleanup.

Bryce is assigned to go after Fulcrum, "on his own, off the radar." He wants Sarah to come with him, and we close the episode with her in her hotel room, bags packed, her landline ringing with Bryce on the other end, her cell phone ringing with Chuck on the other end, and her waffling on which to pick up. Oh, Sarah. We all have choices to make in life, but as a rule? Always pick the tall one.

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