Chuck: Chuck Versus the Crown Vic

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Things that happen in this episode:

1) We are informed with very little fanfare and in a sort of roundabout way that Sarah didn't go with Bryce. Nor did she exactly choose Chuck either...

2) Chuck and the Nerds accidentally stumble upon a counterfeit ring when they're called in to set up some electronic equipment. The assumed ringleader is a man by the name of Lon Kirk.

3) Chuck keeps trying to get Sarah to admit her feelings for him, but she won't do it. She's all business-business this episode, but it is killing her.

4) Sarah and Chuck pose as a couple (Chuck back in "disguise" as Charles Carmichael) to infiltrate Lon Kirk's counterfeit ring at a benefit. Sarah flirts her way right onto Lon's boat.

5) Casey has this 1980-something Crown Victoria that he's basically in love with. It's smashing – armed with GPS and everything.

6) Morgan thinks Anna's cheating on him, buuuuutttt her parents are just in town from Taiwan and she doesn't want Morgan to see her around them, because she turns into someone she doesn't like, only Morgan thinks really she's embarrassed of him, and there are your typical non-communicative relationship problems that are solved before the end of the episode and wrapped up in a neat little bow, thanks in large part to Chuck.

7) While Morgan's out for lunch with Anna and her parents at the yacht club, he sees Sarah on Lon's boat. He calls Chuck. Chuck races down there to where Casey and some other NSA guys are stationed and flashes on some crates being loaded onto Lon's boat. In these crates are supposedly counterfeit plates, though they're marked as aid materials for overseas. Casey intercepts the transfer and... Chuck is WRONG. There are actual aid materials in there, and Lon Kirk is displeased. Sarah and Casey? Also displeased.

8) The NSA and CIA are not pleased either. They pull our intrepid heroes off the case until further notice. Casey gives Sarah a talking to about letting her emotions get in the way of her job. She says she's going to talk to Chuck, and if she can't fix it, she'll ask for a reassignment.

9) Morgan, out with Anna's family again, sends Chuck a photo he just snapped of them on a yacht. In the background is a bad counterfeiting dude, and Chuck recognizes him for real. Casey won't listen to him, but Sarah will, and off they go to rescue Morgan and save the day! Oh, but Casey shows up too, because he's as susceptible to the Chuckins as all the rest of us. Chuck flashes that Lon Kirk's got a rocket launcher armed with GPS and is planning on blowing up the boat Morgan & Co. are on with some Taiwanese dignitaries and bad counterfeiting dudes. Casey and Sarah form a plan of attack and Chuck assumes he's to stay in the car as usual, but not this time!

10) Lon's talking to his Aussie crew members (Won't you stay and chat for awhile, Aussie crew members?) when Sarah approaches his boat and hails him down. She flirts with him until Chuck shows up to pull the jealous boyfriend act (remember, when Lon met Sarah, she was with Chuck at the benefit). Chuck is terrible, just terrible, at the jealous boyfriend act. But no matter, Casey uses the diversion to strangle an Australian, and he and Sarah throw a few more off the boat. It seems our side will win until Chuck comes face-to-face with Lon Kirk and his rocket launcher. (Incidentally, the name of my new swing band is Lon Kirk & the Rocket Launchers.) Lon launches the rocket right between Chuck's legs, and it's headed straight for the boat containing Morgan, where he's charming Anna's parents with tales of how the jumbo shrimp he's about to chow down is the size of a baby cat. Yum.

11) Chuck needs to reroute the GPS-directed rocket to something else with GPS coordinates, and the best he can come up with on short notice is Casey's Crown Vic. Casey is so, so sad about this, but realizes it's for the greater good and gives Chuck the coordinates at the last second. Chuck saves the day... but not Casey's car.

12) The Buy More has its Christmas party and there is dancing. Chuck does the robot.

13) Chuck and Sarah declare "friends" with a handshake. Ohhhhh no. That was the last thing I wanted to see happen. Sigh.

14) Casey is told that some beta Intersect thing is almost up and running, and once it is, Chuck will become obsolete, and worse than that, a burden and a dangerous one at that, and it will be up to Casey to take care of him. Casey is sad again as he watches Chuck and Sarah grooving like dorks. There is nothing sadder than your car blowing up and learning you have to kill your new best friend all in one day.

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sarahm says...

Oops, I just accidentally posted a blank comment. What I meant to say is. I think they need to come up with a different term for when Chuck gets a message from the computer, other than flashing. When they keep asking him, "Did you flash??" it sort of brings other things to mind.

Also, best name for a swing band ever.

Dec 6, 2007 2:54pm

Ariana says...

I concur with your first statement.

I knew you'd appreciate that, heh heh.

Dec 7, 2007 2:35am

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