30 Rock: The One With the Cast from Night Court

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As this weeks episode begins, we see that Kenneth has been forced to trade in his old page jacket for a new design, which, while virtually indistinguishable from the old design to almost ANYONE else, is such a huge blow to his self image that he calls them an "Outrage" and flips out (in a Kenneth sense, meaning that he acts somewhat frustrated and raises his voice a tiny bit) at Liz to get her to change them back.

Liz and Jenna's friend from Chicago, Claire (Jennifer Aniston), then comes to visit them, and she immediately sets her sights on Jack. Liz warns Jack not to sleep with her friend because she is insane in relationships, and targeting him for his power and will use sex to snare him. Unfortunately, by the time she gives him this important warning, they have already had sex in the elevator. Jack doesn't begin to see the crazy side of Claire until later on when she crashes a gala that he is attending and sings him a sexy "Happy Birthday", even though it is not actually his birthday. (Think Marilyn Monroe to JFK, but in a tacky, home-made hat).

Back at the Page's desk, Kenneth continues to be miserable about having to change to the new jacket and complains to Tracy, leading Tracy to try and cheer him up by re-uniting "some of the cast of Night Court" to perform a script that Kenneth has written as a proper send off for the show which Kenneth felt was cancelled one season prematurely. After several false starts and a Liz rant aimed at nixing the entire production, the tape finally rolls on the Night Court reunion, and Kenneth forgets about his uniform issues, becoming joyous again.

Jack realizes that he needs to stay away from Claire and Liz eventually agrees to help him by going out clubbing with Claire to keep her away from Jack on her last night in New York. Claire outwits everyone, however, and ends up inside Jack's house somehow where she prepares him 2 dinners to show her domesticated side. Jack can't resist her physical charms even though he knows she is bad for him, so Liz's plans to save him from himself go for naught once again.

Eventually the unstable side of Claire overrides her extreme appeal to Jack as she plants a gun on him and gets him involved in a low speed police chase. Finally (and apparently mostly due to her technical inability to ingore an incoming cell phone call), we see Liz bailing Jack out after he himself experiences some "Night Court" as a result of Claire's ill-advised prank.

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