JFL42 Roundup: Wednesday, September 27

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To learn about these daily JFL42 roundups, read the first one! Now, onto Wednesday's comedy shows, featuring Max Silvestri and the first night of Andy Kindler's midnight Alternative Shows.

7:00 PM: Max Silvestri at The Rivoli

While not entirely on my radar or on my list of things I had planned to check out, many of my friends were quite jazzed to see Max Silvestri, and I'm glad they brought me along. Silverstri's ability to craft long, progressively escalating stories was a delight to watch, and he was able to engage the early Wednesday night show with ease. Very charismatic and endearing, his solid joke writing earned him a new fan in me last night.

Audience Review: If I'm honest, a little tepid. Not incredibly responsive most of the show, though they had no reason not to be. Maybe it was early, maybe they've seen 16 shows this week already like me and were a little burnt out, I don't know. Everything got reactions, but I felt they could have given more. 6.5/10

Midnight: The Alternative Show at Second City

It just wouldn't be JFL42 without a generous helping of Andy Kindler and the Alternative Show. I'm going to make a point to see as many of them as I can, as they never disappoint and bring in some of the top acts of the festival and locally to shine. This night we had Jake Whitehall, Hari Kondabolu, Beth Stelling, Sophie Buddle, Rory Scovel, and Judah Friedlander deliver amazing sets, and I'm sure the rest of the week will keep that momentum going and then some. Kindler himself deserves a ton of credit for continuing to host what is undoubtedly the best-running series of shows JFL42 puts on.

Audience Review: Those in the mood to be out at midnight on a Wednesday are a specific type of comedy nerd who know the score and are jazzed to be a part of something unique and special. With none of the tiredness or reserved nature that other crowds might have, the Alt Show has fostered a hardcore crowd that like their comedy weird, dark, and late. It's a pleasure to be surrounded by my people. A+

Loose Thoughts

  • My "Ex's and Oh's" pre-show music count is slowing building. That song will be the end of me.
  • The "Master Level" pass is actually going to come in super handy. Used it last night at Second City and got to get out of the cold. If this thing keeps me from developing a cold, I guess my teachers were wrong when they said no good will come from devoting all my energy into comedy.
  • I'm staying out all night tonight so that I can be up at a good time to line up in front of EB Games to get an SNES Classic. Whatever, I'm on vacation, there are way worse ways I could spend a Thursday night.

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