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Definitely not boring…

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Canadian comic Gabe Koury's 2023 album Mommy, I'm Boring is a punchy 30-minute comedy album with a punk rock aesthetic. Falling neatly into the newer comedy LP format that many comedians have been empowered to create with the changes in recording technology, it makes a strong case for the new trend.

Funny enough, I listened to his album – which touches on his comedy tour that ended in Florida – on a flight home from Florida enjoying the synergy of that moment. Koury opens the album with a funny bit about toast that I felt had much more opportunity for play, but Koury kept it tight and on target.

Gabe Koury

Early in the set Koury faced headwinds from an audience that felt cold and that he had to work to pull the laughs from, but over the course of the set, they warmed to Gabe's vibe, which can be described as laid back and sassy. Once warmed, the audience was a bit on the rowdy side, which was unfortunate as they didn't seem to get the point of an album recording. But Gabe is a pro, and pushes through and nails his punchlines, winning them over and getting the laughs.

His material about sex work, his heritage, and live music pull some fun laughs and great interactions from the audience. Those bits alone make it worth the price of the album. Available on streaming services and Bandcamp, I recommend picking it up for a fun laugh. Buy it at

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