JFL42 Reviews: Todd Glass and Andy Kindler's 'Alternative Show'

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Todd Glass

The Garrisson • September 26, 2018 • 7:00 PM

When you're at a Todd Glass show, you are truly in the presence of a show business professional. When I showed up to the venue a bit early and was told I couldn't come in yet because he and his band were "still in rehearsals", I knew something very fun would be in store. And of course he didn't disappoint, as Todd took to the stage with a three-piece band, complete with guitar, horns, and an iPad full of music cues and sound effects.

Glass will mince no words during the show, and makes it very clear that if you're not able to find joy and pleasure out of a set up like this, there is something wrong with you, not him. A bold statement, but he's not wrong. An hour with Todd Glass (and the Todd Glass Band) is a unique hybrid of tightly rehearsed bits, blended with truly experimental improv and off-the-cuffs, that's truly unlike anything you'll see at JFL42. Or probably anywhere, for that matter.

Bottom line, leaving the show my smile had to be surgically removed from my face. He's a genuine delight, every time.

Andy Kindler

Andy Kindler's Alternative Show

The Second City • September 26, 2018 • 11:59 PM

It simply wouldn't be JFL42 without Andy Kindler. I remember when the line-up for the festival was first announced, I noticed that Kindler wasn't listed immediately, and my heart sunk a little. Thankfully, I'm guessing that was just some kind of horrific website error, as Andy is back to deliver four nights of the best the festival and local scene in Toronto has to offer.

Kindler is no slouch himself, setting a table for what has become one of the hottest tickets in the festival since its inception. Wednesday's show saw Ryan Hamilton, Jeff Ross, Courtney Gilmour, Tom Henry, and Matt Braunger, in a tighter-than-usual show that ended far earlier than it normally has been known to. I'm not complaining, mind you, as what was on display was very much a stellar show from start to finish. If I had to pick a stand out from the night it would be Tom Henry, whose deadpan delivery and amazing roasting abilities were truly exceptional.

If you're in the know, you know to come to these shows. Kindler always has something special in store for each one of them.

Passes and individual tickets for JFL42 -- which runs September 20-29 in venues across Toronto -- can be found at jfl42.com/choose-your-pass.

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