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The Hotel Café, for those unaware, is a club in L.A. that started as a small coffee shop and has grown into one of the premiere launching grounds for singer-songwriters. Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Sara Bareilles, Priscilla Ahn, and Meiko are just some of the artists that have come through the venue, and beginning in 2006, longtime Hotel Café performer Cary Brothers came up with the idea to take this collective of artists (and friends) out on the road -- and the Hotel Café Tour was born.

The tour made another trek across North America in the spring of 2008, and at the stop in Minneapolis, MN, had the chance to sit down with Cary in the midst of a blanketing spring snowstorm. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the only issue. The interview was plagued with technical problems, including a camera that stayed off for 2 questions (whoops!) and a sound check in the building that greatly affected the sound quality of large parts of the interview. After several futile attempts at fixing the sound, we put the interview on hold for a while to work on other projects. But now we've decided to just cut together a shorter, sound check-free version of the interview, so at least some of it gets out to the world.

In the interview, Cary spoke about his friend Zach Braff putting him on the Garden State soundtrack, why he stayed independent for his first full-length release, writing for a new album, and the experience of touring the country with a bunch of your friends. And despite the sound issues, we really liked Cary's lengthy answer to our question about the current state of the music industry, so we've also posted that up as Bonus Footage, even if at times Cary's voice is partially drowned out by the music.

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