90210: Love Me or Leave Me

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Annie is talking to Ethan on the phone about the heat wave they're going through. She tells him she's wearing practically nothing, and he asks to hear more. Annie is awkwardly describing her black negligee when Debbie picks up the other line and tells her daughter to get off the phone. She hangs up, and Annie and Ethan say goodbye. Then, right before they hang up, Ethan tells Annie he loves her, presumably for the first time.

The next morning, Dixon and Annie are helping Tabitha rehearse for an upcoming audition when Debbie tells the kids that they need to do some chores before school. Tabitha argues that she hires people to do the chores, and things get really tense for a couple minutes until Annie and Dixon finally just stand up and start cleaning.

At school, Annie and Ethan are making out when Dixon and Silver approach them. The two couples talk for a few minutes before Ethan and Annie both realize they have somewhere else to be. They say "I love you" again before heading in separate directions, and as soon as they're out of sight, Silver starts mocking them for it. It seems pretty obvious that she is upset that Ethan and Annie said it before she and Dixon did.

Meanwhile, Navid and Adrianna are hanging out in the journalism room. He tells her she's glowing, and Adrianna gets really uncomfortable. She asks Navid if he's happy, and he responds that he's very happy and that he wouldn't change a thing about their relationship right now.

In gym class, the girls are supposed to be playing field hockey, but Naomi and Adrianna make excuses to get out of participating. As they walk back inside, Naomi mentions that she rarely sees Adrianna anymore, and Adrianna tells her that she's going through something and asks if Naomi wants to go out for supper sometime. Then, just as she's about to confess what's going on, Naomi's older friends call her away and she goes over to them, leaving Adrianna alone. She mentions to the other girls that she thinks Adrianna is using again, and they tell her not to worry about it because Adrianna isn't really her friend anymore, not after letting Naomi get in trouble by covering for her. Later, in chemistry, Adrianna is working on a lab when she suddenly faints. Naomi begins to freak out, but again, one of the other girls tells her that Adrianna is not her problem.

In the cafeteria, Ethan and Annie are making out...again. Silver and Dixon sit down with them, and Dixon announces that he's joining choir. Silver makes fun of him. Suddenly Harry's face appears on the flat screen TV that adorns one of the walls in the cafeteria. He announces that the air conditioning is still broken in the school, and that although classes will continue as scheduled today, school is canceled for tomorrow. Everyone cheers.

After school, Annie is outside with Ethan when Tabitha drives up in a car. There is a bow on top, and she tells Annie that it is a gift for her and Dixon. Annie is excited, but when she gets home, she finds out that her mother is not quite so thrilled about the idea. Debbie takes the keys and says that the car is going to be returned. Later, Annie is sitting on the porch watching Tabitha do Tai Chi and complaining about how hard it is to be a teenager. Tabitha tells Annie that she thinks she needs a break, and hands her a set of keys, which Annie mistakenly thinks belong to the gift car. Tabitha corrects her, saying that they are the keys to her Palm Springs getaway and that Annie can use it. She also assures her granddaughter that Debbie has already agreed to the idea. Annie calls Ethan and invites him to go with her. They use it as a euphemism for sex: "You want us to skip the beach party so we can...go to Palm Springs?" "I'm ready to...go to Palm Springs."

The next morning, Dixon is working at the Peach Pit. Navid is there, and Dixon tells him that Silver has been making fun of everything lately, including Ethan and Annie saying I love you. Drawing from his vast experience with women, Navid tells Dixon that it sounds like Silver wants Dixon to tell her he loves her.

Naomi finds Adrianna sitting on a swing at the playground and accuses her of using again. Adrianna denies it, and Naomi thinks she's lying. She's about to walk away when Adrianna tells her she's pregnant. Shocked, Naomi sits down on another swing and starts asking questions. At the beach party that afternoon, the girls talk again, and Adrianna tells Naomi that she's afraid to tell Navid. Naomi tells her not to worry about it today.

Ethan and Annie arrive in Palm Springs. She gives him a tour of the house, ending with the bedroom. Awkwardness ensues, and they decide to go get some food. On the beach back in Beverly Hills, Silver and Dixon are building a sand castle. Dixon looks uncomfortable, but when Silver asks him what's wrong, he says nothing. Elsewhere, Naomi and Adrianna are sunbathing when George walks up and says he heard Beverly Hills High's favorite train wreck druggie is back on the tracks.

At the Wilson house, Harry, Debbie and Tabitha are eating supper. Debbie asks Harry if Annie called to tell him when the beach party is supposed to end, and Tabitha admits that she sent Annie to Palm Springs. Debbie is livid, and she and Tabitha argue until eventually, Harry steps in and gives Tabitha an ultimatum: she stops trying to help raise the kids, or they will move out.

Annie and Ethan are having supper in a fancy restaurant when Annie's cell phone rings. It's Debbie, so she ignores the call, and then tells Ethan that she's ready...to go to Palm Springs. They ditch their food and head back to the house. They start kissing, and Annie keeps giggling. She tells Ethan that she's just nervous. She mentions how big a deal this is, and tells Ethan that she thinks he's the one. They continue kissing for a moment, and then Ethan suddenly stops and says he can't do this. He's afraid of what might happen if he does and then things don't work out between the two of them. He says he doesn't want to hurt her, and she tells him that it's too late, he just did.

Back at the beach party, Navid runs into George. George calls Adrianna a druggie, and Navid jumps him. Adrianna appears and pulls her boyfriend back. They talk, and she tells him she's pregnant. Navid walks away.

Harry and Debbie drive to Palm Springs to yell at Annie. When they get there, the first thing they notice is Ethan's car in the driveway. They lurk around outside the house and see Ethan sleeping alone on the couch and Annie in the bedroom. They're so relieved that they decide to make out in the car rather than wake the kids.

Back in Beverly Hills, Dixon tells Silver he loves her, and Silver responds by saying thank you. The ensuing fight ends with Silver yelling "Screw you, Dixon!" and storming away.

The next morning, Annie and Ethan head out to his car with their bags and see Debbie and Harry's car still parked in the driveway. Annie opens the hatch and finds her parents asleep and topless in the back. Everyone is very uncomfortable until Harry announces that they all have school that day and should get going.

Adrianna finds Navid at school that day. He says he wants to tell her that he can handle this, but he can't. Adrianna walks away in tears. Silver approaches Dixon and apologizes for what happened on the beach, and they decide to pretend it never happened. But as Dixon walks away, it's obvious that he's still upset.

At the Wilson house, Debbie walks into the kitchen and tells Tabitha that she's decided the kids can have the car as long as they pay for gas and insurance. She also says they need to set some ground rules about how the house should be run, but Tabitha says it will have to wait until she gets back from Massachussetts. It turns out she got the role she was auditioning for and will be going there to film a miniseries.

Back at school, Naomi apologizes to Adrianna for telling people that she was using again. The two girls talk, and Naomi promises to help Adrianna with whatever decision she makes. Ethan and Annie also wrap up their storyline with a heart-to-heart. Ethan tells Annie that he wants to make sure they have a strong foundation before they sleep together, so they should slow things down. They kiss.

Next week: Ryan and Ty both make their returns, and someone gets in a car accident. Tune in!

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metal2000 says...

I only actually LIKE this show when the humour is cranked high and the melodrama is light. And there were actual moments of that in this episode again (mom & pop snooping around the outside of the house in Palm Springs, for instance). So I liked those.

I actually forgot to skip through some commercials while watching this episode, and I realized how FAR AWAY from the target demo for 90210 I really am. :P

Jan 14, 2009 4:32am

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