90210: The Party's Over

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Adrianna and Navid have finally told their friends about their plans to get married and raise the baby together. And their friends react...well, sensibly, in my opinion. They're all shocked and basically think it's a terrible idea. But Adrianna and Navid are adamant that this is what they want. Eventually, their friends decide to support them rather than abandon Adrianna in her time of need, and last-minute plans are made for a bridal/baby shower and a bachelor party.

The bachelor party consists of Navid, Liam, Dixon, and Ethan going to a burlesque club. It starts out with the guys just sitting around talking (and trying to convince Navid to back out before it's too late), but things start to get wild when a group of sorority pledges walk in. The girls ask to sit with Navid & Co., and one girl, Isabel, cozies up to Navid immediately. He explains his situation to her, and at the end of the night, she tells him that he's too young and too cute to get married. Navid barely reacts to this, but he does immediately tell his friends that he's ready to go home.

Dixon and Silver have been arguing lately about Silver's inability to deal with people's reactions to her film. This week, the tension between them mounts when Silver tells Dixon that she can't deal with going to prom. Dixon is clearly upset about never being able to go on a real date with his girlfriend, so when Liam starts handing out fake IDs before Navid's bachelor party, Dixon accepts his wordlessly – and uses it – despite the fact that he (apparently) doesn't drink, ever. He gets wasted on tequila and complains about Silver to the sorority girls. When he gets home, Annie and Liam practically have to pour him into his bed.

Meanwhile, the Wilson women are hosting Adrianna's bridal/baby shower. It seems like every woman Adrianna has ever met is there, including an aunt who voices her support and encouragement for what Adrianna is doing. Most of the night is spent playing silly games like "guess the baby food" and having a toilet paper fashion show. But things begin to get interesting when Navid's mom shows up and finds Adrianna in the hallway. She tells Adrianna that she's making a big mistake; that she and Navid are ruining their lives and the child's, too. Adrianna walks away, goes into the bathroom, finds a bottle of prescription drugs, and swallows a palmful of pills.

Adrianna rejoins the party moments before Navid arrives and asks to talk to her. But Naomi is suddenly very much in favor of their getting married and forces them to sit down while she toasts to them. When Adrianna and Navid finally get a moment alone, Navid does the exact opposite of what I expect him to do: he tells her that he doesn't want to date anyone else, ever. He says he's lucky to have found her and that he's done looking. Unfortunately for him, Adrianna has decided that she's not ready to raise a child. She tells him all about his mother dropping by and about taking drugs right after (she adds that she threw up immediately). The evening's events have made her realize that she's not ready to raise a child. Navid accepts this. When the two of them get home that night, they both admit that they are sad, but Navid tells Adrianna to keep the ring on, and that they will be "engaged to be engaged."

Silver runs into Ethan in the hallway and asks if he knows where Dixon is. Ethan tells her that Dixon is drunk, and Silver blames herself. She confides in Ethan about everything she and Dixon have been going through lately. Ethan tells her that maybe it's just time to move on, but Silver is convinced that she needs to put more effort into her relationship. Ethan looks disappointed; it's pretty clear that he was hoping she would spend that energy on creating a new relationship with him. Alas. Silver goes off in search of Dixon and finds him on his bed. Dixon does his best to stay upright and appear sober while Silver pours her heart out to him (and let me just say, his best is quite terrible). Silver ends the conversation by asking Dixon if he will go to prom with her, and of course he says yes.

Annie, having found Liam struggling with a drunk Dixon in the front yard and subsequently helping him put her brother to bed, decides that it's a good time to confront him about asking her out last week. She tells him that she has two theories as to why he did it: 1. he's not that into Naomi, or 2. he's REALLY into Naomi but too afraid to admit it. He responds to this by using a volcano metaphor to explain to Annie that she is not the good girl she pretends to be. He predicts that she's going to explode soon, and that it's going to be fantastic. Annie doesn't really respond to this, but later when she's in the kitchen with Naomi, she tells her friend that she really doesn't like Liam.

Jen, Naomi's sister, is still in town, and the girls have broken the news to their father that rather than coming back to live with him, Naomi is going to start looking for a place to live with her sister. He is resistant at first, but shuts up when Jen blackmails him with information that she has about him sleeping with her tennis coach when she was sixteen. The girls are excited to get their own place. Sadly, things are not going as well for Naomi at school. She is walking to her car when Portia (the girl who has accused Mr. Clark of sexual harassment) and another girl sidle up to her and call her dad a pervert. Naomi hurries to her car only to realize that the girls have boxed her in on both sides, and she's unable to leave.

Naomi tells her sister all about this while they're shopping after school, and then realizes that Portia is in the store. Jen goes to talk to her, and Portia calls her a bitch. As Portia is leaving, the security alarm beeps and she is brought into the back room to have her bag searched. Somehow, Jen managed to drop something in Portia's purse. Naomi is grateful.

Jen runs into Mr. Matthews at the Peach Pit, and they discuss the novel that he has apparently written. Then, despite her terrible attempt at flirting ("Oh, sure, I've been studying Art History in Paris, but that's hardly impressive compared to you. You're a TEACHER!"), he asks her out and she accepts.

The two of them hang out at his place the next night, and Ryan cooks supper for Jen. She mentions that she wishes she could cook, but that it seems like awfully hard work. And why work when you can live off your trust fund? Things in the awkward department just progress from there: Jen starts name-dropping, offers to show Ryan's novel to her good friend Jonathan Safran Foer, and then tells him that she can't cook, but that she's a genius at opening red wine bottles. At the end of the night, she tells him she had fun. He responds by admitting that he didn't write a novel – yet. He's just working on one. She tells him that it's okay, that "that's what being a human being is all about. Lying. We all do it. All the time." Then she tells him that she was lying about living off of her trust fund – she's actually spent the whole thing already.

The next day, Jen and Naomi go to the beach. Jen tells her sister that they got the house but that the finances are a shambles. Naomi offers to help pay for it. Jen resists at first, but then accepts her sister's help, promising that she'll pay her back. We'll see about that.

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I can't believe this show got renewed. Goodness.

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For TWO more seasons, even.

May 9, 2009 9:54pm

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