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This week, everyone is gearing up for the... Sophomore Prom? I did not know such a thing existed, but I'll go with it.

Harry has created a cautionary video warning his students about the consequences of underage drinking at prom after-parties (the worst of which seems to be suspension in his mind). And he has cast none other than Annie, West Beverly's very own leading lady, to be the face of abstinence. The video is super-lame, as is Annie's acting, and Naomi is telling her as much when a boy named Charlie Pinkwater walks by and says hello to Annie. Naomi calls Charlie a dorkosaurus, but Annie defends him, claiming that he's really a very nice guy.

Annie's next class is with Liam, who is still convinced that she's a volcano just waiting to explode. He keeps annoying her with a "tick-tock" noise, so when the teacher tells them to pair up, Annie partners with Charlie despite Liam's expectant look. Charlie ends up asking her to prom, and she agrees. They go together, and while they are dancing, Charlie tells Annie that he thinks she should have been nominated for Prom Queen. He also tells her that he thinks they should date. Annie turns him down, claiming that she only accepted his invitation to be friendly. Charlie is extremely offended. He tells her that there was no reason to say yes just to be nice – had she said no, he might have been able to take someone who actually likes him. Then he stalks away.

Meanwhile, Harry overhears a girl named Phoebe talking loudly to her friends about all the alcohol she got for her after-party. He uses the microphone on the stage to let everyone know that he knows they plan on drinking and to remind them of the threat of suspension. Everyone thinks it was Annie who ratted them out. Charlie is definitely not the only person holding a grudge against her now.

Liam is called in to see Kelly and Harry so they can talk to him about his being detached/antisocial/not committed to the school. They tell him that his stepfather is threatening to send him to military school if he doesn't get more involved. So after school, he calls Naomi (who has been stressed about his lack of commitment) and asks her to go to prom with him. Of course she says yes. At the dance, though, Liam shuts her out again – Jen even spots him wearing headphones at one point, but Naomi tells her that Liam isn't really the "prom type," and that he's just there for her.

Naomi convinces Liam to go for a walk with her. When they get outside, they bump into Kelly, who tells Liam that she's happy he came to the prom and his stepfather will be, too. Naomi asks Liam what she meant by that, and then gets angry when she realizes that he only invited her to the prom because he was being forced to get more involved with school activities. She rants about this for a couple of minutes, and then realizes that he got her a black orchid corsage, but she never told him that black orchids were her favorite flower. She asks if he asked someone, and he shakes his head. (Sidenote: It is at this point where I turned to my friend Bryan and said sarcastically, "he facebook-stalked her!") And THEN, Naomi realizes that black orchids are listed as one of her interests on her facebook profile. She takes this as hard evidence that Liam really likes her – after all, he put in a lot of effort to get that information. Liam admits that he likes Naomi, and then he confides in her about his bad relationship with his mother and stepfather. Aw, love.

Jen's story just keeps getting more complicated. When Naomi's credit card is declined, she realizes that she used it to pay for everything during the move and asks her sister why she didn't contribute. Jen admits that she's in a bit of a financial pinch but didn't want to tell Naomi because she's the older sister and is supposed to be taking care of Naomi, not vice versa. At the prom, Jen runs into Kelly in the bathroom, and the two of them have an extremely expository conversation about Jen's time as a student at West Beverly. Kelly tries to warn Ran that Jen is not a nice person, but Ryan thinks Kelly is just jealous. But it looks like she's right: Jen goes outside to take a call on her cell phone and, speaking to someone named Olivier, says "see, this is exactly why I want a divorce."

Silver, hoping to make prom night as special as possible for Dixon, gets her first-ever spray tan in preparation. Meanwhile, Dixon "builds his own tux" on the computer and then, later that day, has a heart-to-heart with Debbie, telling her that he just wants Silver to have a good time. He thinks that if she does, she might come back to West Beverly next year. His mom tells him not to get his hopes up. When they arrive at the prom, it looks like Debbie might be right: Silver is afraid to get out of the limo. She finally does, with a lot of encouragement from Adrianna, Navid, and Dixon, and they all go inside together. Things inside aren't as bad as she expects them to be, but everyone still acts almost too friendly towards her.

Eventually, the dance gets interrupted so "the Prommy Awards" can be announced. Dixon is crowned Prom King. Then it's time to announce his Queen. Naomi thinks she has it in the bag, but she is shocked to learn that the winner is a write-in: Erin Silver. (Is she even allowed to win, considering she's no longer a West Beverly student? Discuss.) Nevertheless, everyone is ecstatic that Silver has won. Well, everyone but Silver, that is. Though she's pleased that her peers are treating her like a normal person again, she still thinks that prom is a stupid tradition. She declines the honor, and Naomi takes the crown and statuette from her.

Later, Silver finds Dixon sitting at their table and tells him that she's happy and ready to come back to West Beverly. She notices that he looks sad and asks him what's wrong. Dixon tells her that he's upset because he feels like she was including him when she was on stage complaining about the people who actually like prom. He walks away, and Ethan takes his place and tells Silver that her speech was awesome.

Speaking of Ethan, it turns out he has been picked to go to an All-American lacrosse camp for the summer, but he shocks Mr. Matthews – and everyone else – by deciding to turn it down. Instead, he's going to go backpacking in Montana with his father. He tells Matthews that he hasn't figured out what he's about yet, but he does know it's not lacrosse.

Adrianna and Navid make themselves pretty scarce throughout most of the night, but Navid has been itching to have a "conversation" with Ty about his apathy towards his unborn child. The first time he tries to go talk to him, Adrianna won't let him. But near the end of the night, Navid sees Ty again and the two of them start fighting. But the fight is quickly broken up when Adrianna calls for Navid to tell him that her water broke.

Next week: the season finale!

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