90210: Between a Sign and a Hard Place

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Madame Flanagan

As we learned at the end of last week's episode, Donna is considering moving back to Beverly Hills and opening a store. There's only one problem: David wants to stay in Japan. Donna thinks that if she brings her daughter, Ruby, back to Japan, she and David might be able to work things out, but if she moves to L.A., she's pretty sure it will mean a divorce.

After explaining this to Kelly, Donna concludes that there is only one way to be sure what she should do. So she visits a psychic named Madam Flanagan and explains the situation, and Madam Flanagan tells her to look for a sign. Kelly snickers at this "vision," and the psychic uses her powers to predict that Kelly will meet a man soon. And he will have a six-pack. Kelly is skeptical.

The two women leave Madam Flanagan's and, after searching for Donna's sign for way too long, decide to go out that night. Neither of them has been out to a club in a long time, though, and so they ask a couple of random girls for advice on where to go. Kelly and Donna show up at the recommended club that night and it takes them way too long to realize that they're in a lesbian bar (come on, ladies, I knew what was up even before you ordered a shot called a Dirty Girl Scout). They decide to stay and dance anyway, and end up winning the attention of every girl in the room with their awesome moves. Isn't that how it always goes?

As they're walking home at the end of the night, they pass an empty store with a "For Lease" sign in the front window. Donna gazes inside and tells Kelly that it's exactly what she was imagining. It turns out this was the sign she was waiting for. Somehow, over the next 24 hours, Donna manages to contact all the right people, make financial arrangements, plan a wine and cheese party to celebrate signing the lease, and convince everyone Kelly knows to attend said party. But fifteen minutes before she's supposed to be at the store, Kelly finds her moping on the couch. She says she just finished telling David the good news and his response was that they would have to make arrangements to shuttle Ruby back and forth. Donna was sure that he would choose her over Japan and is upset that he didn't.

Kelly gives her friend a pep talk and Donna is back in good spirits when they get to the party. Madam Flanagan is there, I assume for no other reason than to deliver this amazing line of dialogue: "This cheese is delicious. Just as I foresaw it." After mingling for a little while, Donna realizes that they're low on crackers, and Kelly offers to go get more. While at the store, she runs into Ryan Matthews, who is there buying...wait for it...a six-pack of beer! The two of them flirt (VERY awkwardly), and then Kelly texts Donna to let her know what's up before heading home with Ryan.

English Degrees Are Useless

Liam intercepts Ethan in the parking lot before school and asks him where he's going. Ethan says he's on his way to English class, and Liam responds with a rant about how the only reason to go to English class is to study English in university, and all that will get you is an English degree, which is useless because the only thing it qualifies you to do is teach high school English. Then he invites Ethan to go to the beach. As they walk away, Naomi tries to banter with them, but they both ignore her.

Liam brings Ethan back to school that afternoon to pick up his car, and Ethan runs into Mr. Matthews in the parking lot. When Matthews asks what's going on, Ethan gets defensive and is given detention.

She's Like a Female Darren Aronofsky

Silver has been out of school since being diagnosed as manic-depressive, but Kelly thinks it's almost time for her to go back. But she is proven wrong when Silver sits alone in a booth at the Peach Pit and two girls at the next table loudly start making fun of both Silver and the film she made, calling her a freak and comparing her to Darren Aronofsky. Silver hurries outside, fighting tears, and runs into Dixon, who gives her the lamest pep talk ever (he actually advises her to tell people that she's been out of school because she took up gardening or is reading Jane Austen). It seems to work for Silver, though. By the end of their conversation, her tears have been replaced by a smile.

The next time we see Silver, she's in a church. This goes unexplained until the night of Donna's party. It's the first time many of Silver's friends have seen her since The Meltdown, and they seem unsure how to act around her. After a few minutes, Silver can't handle it anymore, and she goes outside to get some air. Ethan finds her sitting in the alley behind the store and joins her. They commiserate about the way people perceive them, and Silver confesses that although she told Kelly she's ready to go back to school, she's not going back to West Beverly. Instead, she's enrolling at St. Claire's, the catholic school.

Yard Sale

Harry and Debbie finally sold the house in Kansas and need to have a yard sale. They're going through all of their old stuff when Annie comes outside to say goodbye. She's getting a ride to school with Naomi in an attempt to be more of a "girls' girl". Things are slightly awkward between the two girls, but they find common ground when they spot the Wilsons' old foosball table and discover that they both love the game.

When Annie gets home from school that afternoon, Harry tells her that Naomi's father is being sued for sexual harassment. Naomi shows up at the yard sale, and it's clear that she doesn't know yet, but Annie tries to make it known that she's available to talk any time.

When Naomi does find out about her father's predicament, he tells her that he's no longer going to pay for her to stay in the hotel because they need to put up a united front as a family. Later, at the Peach Pit, Naomi is complaining to Annie about Liam's mood swings when two girls walk by and call Charles a disgusting pervert and a scumbag. Annie jumps to Naomi's defense, but rather than being grateful, Naomi is angry that Annie knew what was going on and didn't tell her.

Annie visits Naomi at the hotel that night to apologize. She asks Naomi why she's being forced to leave the hotel. Naomi explains, and Annie invites her to stay with the Wilsons.

Naomi agrees, and everything seems okay between the girls again. When Naomi gets a text from Liam during Donna's party, she immediately shows it to Annie. Then she meets Liam in the parking lot and tells him that she's not going to be his booty call anymore. She follows that by making out with him against his car. Way to stick to your guns, Naomi!

Leslie and Greg

Navid is doing his best to take care of a very-pregnant Adrianna. He's read all the baby books and is tracking her diet and trying to predict the sex of the baby. He also helps her look for potential adoptive parents for the baby. This proves difficult, though, because Adrianna is quite obviously hesitant to give up her offspring and is actively looking for flaws in every couple Navid finds. She finally agrees to meet one couple, Leslie and Greg, who seem perfect. But they talk about building a tree house for the kid, and sending it to a good school, and Adrianna is forced to think of it as a real person – which makes giving it up even harder to fathom. She admits this to Navid, who tells her she doesn't really have to. Adrianna argues that it's the logical choice, given her mother's poor financial situation and her lack of a relationship with Ty. And then! Navid steps up and offers to stand in as the baby's father. He tells Adrianna that he has loved her since they were 7 and that he loves her baby, too. The conversation escalates, and by the end of the episode Navid and Adrianna have decided to get married and raise the baby together.

Tune in next week for a special visit from Naomi's sister!

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