90210: The Dionysian Debacle

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First off, I would like to apologize for the extreme lateness of this recap. It was a busy week for me.

The show opens with Adrianna and Navid daydreaming together. They're trying to envision what their life together will be like once they're married and the baby has been born. There's only one thing standing between them and The Dream: They haven't told Navid's parents that Adrianna is pregnant yet. Navid thinks they should do it soon; he's confident that after the initial shock has passed, they will be nothing but supportive.

Adrianna isn't so sure, though. She discusses the situation with Naomi at lunch, at which point we learn that there are actually TWO things standing between her and The Dream: Navid still has no idea that Ty is the biological father. Naomi is adamant that Adrianna should tell Navid right away.

That night, Adrianna and Navid break the news to Navid's parents, and they react exactly like he said they would: shocked and angry but eventually willing to help out where they can. That is, until they find out the baby isn't Navid's. Then they freak out. After Adrianna leaves, they tell Navid that there is no way they'll let him ruin his life to raise someone else's child.

But Navid disagrees. Despite Adrianna's assertion that she will figure something out on her own, he shows up at her house later that day with his bags packed and an engagement ring from a pawn shop. And that's when she breaks the news about Ty. Navid storms out of the room, and then back in, about three times. The fourth time he leaves, the door stays closed, and Adrianna sits alone on the edge of her bed, sobbing hysterically. A couple minutes later the door opens, and Navid comes inside and says to her, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you so don't ever lie to me again." She agrees, and the fight is over. Later, they sit side-by-side on Adrianna's bed, trying to map out their future. Adrianna's mom comes in with some laundry and implies that she is willing to help out however she can. Navid is quiet, but says he's fine when Adrianna asks him if everything is alright.

Silver's plan to transfer to another school has been put into action. She's clad in her new uniform and ready for her first day at St. Claire's. She's excited, but Dixon is...well, not. He thinks changing schools is a little extreme, but Silver argues that she can never go back to West Beverly because she'll always be known as bipolar girl.

After just one day at St. Claire's, though, Silver is overwhelmed by it all. A girl named Angela offers to help her understand the catechism, though. That should help. Well, except that Angela is very religious, eventually realizes that Silver is "the whore from the video," and promises to fast until Silver repents by admitting who she is and what she's done to everyone at St. Claire's.

Silver is upset that she was unable to fly under the radar at her new school, but Dixon doesn't think that what Angela said was all that ridiculous. He tells Silver she needs to stop hiding. He explains to his girlfriend that he was in the movie, too, but he dealt with the whispers and the looks and she should, too. Silver walks away from him but the next day takes his – and Angela's – advice and tells her new classmates who she really is. Angela is "thrilled to the gills," but Silver is ashamed and sad and feels like she's in hell.

Naomi, meanwhile, is still staying with the Wilsons, despite their constant hints that she is making herself too comfortable and should be looking for alternative arrangements. Naomi is in Annie's bedroom, getting ready for her first real date with Liam, when he suddenly cancels. Naomi reacts rather dramatically, throwing things and threatening to "rage out," but Annie advises her to just call Liam back and ask for an explanation. Naomi takes her advice, and as it turns out, Liam canceled not because he doesn't want to hang out with Naomi, but because his cousin is in town. And Naomi has the perfect solution: a double date with the cousin and Annie!

The foursome ends up at a dimly lit pub, where Liam's cousin acts creepy, Annie acts aloof, Liam acts uninterested in everything and everyone, and Naomi tries way too hard to capture his attention. At one point, Naomi and Creepy Cousin both get up to use the bathroom. While they're gone, Annie calls Liam on his rude behavior. He cleans up his attitude when Naomi sits down again, but then as the girls are leaving, he asks Annie out. Annie tells Naomi later that night and then gets kicked out of her own bed because Naomi wants some privacy.

Annie goes to the kitchen and admits to the rest of the family what just happened, and a discussion follows. Basically the whole family is sick of having Naomi around and they need to find a solution.

The next day at school, Naomi asks Liam what he was thinking, asking Annie out. He tells her that's just who he is and that he doesn't "do the whole boyfriend thing," which is why she should get out now. She tells him that she can take care of herself and stalks away. Later, though, she assures Annie that the only reason Liam asked Annie out is because he's so into Naomi. Their conversation is cut short as they walk into Annie's house and find a random girl standing inside. Apparently it's Jen, Naomi's sister, coming to rescue Naomi from bourgeois living. Jen thanks Annie for "helping Naomi cope with this Dionysian debacle that is [their] father" and then whisks her sister out to the Town Car waiting in the driveway.

Jen is dropping Naomi off at school and they run into Mr. Matthews in the parking lot. Jen flirts with him (of course). As Ryan and Naomi walk away, Ethan arrives. He is surprised to see Jen and asks her how long she'll be staying. She says "we'll see," and then promises never to tell Naomi that she was Ethan's first.

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