90210: Help Me, Rhonda

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The story picks up with the aftermath of Ethan's car accident. Annie is walking around the hospital with her parents, frantically trying to find her boyfriend. They finally track him down, and he's walking and speaking lucidly and all that. Rhonda, the girl that was driving the other vehicle, however, wasn't so lucky. She's in surgery. Ethan and the Wilsons wait to find out if she's going to be okay, and it's obvious that both Ethan and Annie feel responsible for her being there in the first place.

The doctor finally comes out and they hear him tell Rhonda's parents that she's going to be okay. The Wilsons leave, but Ethan stays behind to talk to Rhonda and her parents. He walks into her room and doesn't seem at all fazed that Rhonda is none other than Julie Taylor. Instead, he asks her what school she goes to. Turns out she's a student at West Beverly and actually has a class with him. She calls him on his inattention to the non-shiny population at West Beverly. Her accusation strikes some sort of chord with Ethan, and suddenly he's blowing off play rehearsal every day to hang out with Rhonda instead. He lends her his DVD player, brings her snacks, and takes her for walks around the hospital. They become friends, and eventually start talking about how sheltered their lives have been and how they both feel like they should branch out and explore new interests. I think even my cat could predict that they're going to end up together.

Meanwhile, Annie is still having trouble coping with not getting the lead in the school play. She decides to talk to the director about why she didn't get it, and when she finally does, she is told to take an acting class. At first she's offended by the advice, but after doing some research, she realizes that the classes are actually pretty cool and might help her develop her skills. She's telling Ethan all this when, seemingly out of nowhere, he tells her that there's more to life than theatre, and that maybe she should be passionate about more than one thing. She asks him where all of his sage advice is coming from, and he admits that he's just been feeling different since the accident. The next day, he quits the play.

Dixon and Silver are both trying to cope with the break-up, and both are doing a shoddy job of it. Dixon tells his family what went down, and then immediately says that he doesn't want to talk about it. Later, in his room with Navid, he decides that in order for the two of them to get over Silver and Adrianna, they should get new girls. Navid acquires some sort of chick-scoring manual called The Credo. The Credo advises him to insult girls in order to get their attention, so Navid wanders over to some chick and tells her that she'd be really beautiful, if she didn't have that lame hair-do. She looks disgusted and walks away. As he sits back down, Christina approaches the guys. When she finds out what they're trying to do, she invites them to a party. She seems sure that Navid will meet a nice girl there. Internet spoilers make me equally sure. When they get to the party, Navid immediately spots a pretty girl. Christina tells him that her name is Nika and then pressures him to go talk to her. Navid agrees, but makes Dixon and Christina come with him. After Christina introduces them, Navid goes on and on about how uncool he is. Nika responds by spouting some role-playing lingo, and Navid asks her to marry him. Aw, love.

Silver is searching everywhere for Dixon. She asks for him at the Peach Pit, and then at the Wilson household, where she is told that he's at a party. She heads over there, and sees Dixon and Christina talking. We, the viewers, know that they are talking about how much Dixon has been missing Silver. But Silver doesn't know that. She assumes that they're about to hook up. She yells at Dixon, calling him heartless, and then runs away. Dixon runs after her, and she tells him that this "being in love" stuff is making her crazy. Oh, look at that! She said she loves him! Now they can stop being miserable and get back together. And they do.

Adrianna is still figuring out how to deal with her pregnancy. She manages to tell Ty, and though he's shocked at first, he winds up being surprisingly supportive of the whole thing. He tells his parents and they want to sit down with Adrianna and her mother to discuss what needs to be done. The only problem is that Adrianna hasn't told her mom yet. She knows that if she's pregnant, she's not going to be able to make much money acting. And if she can't bring home the bacon, she's afraid that she might get kicked out of the house. So she goes to the meeting alone. Ty's parents seem super nice about the whole debacle, offering to get her a good doctor and pay for the costs. Ty's mom even accompanies Adrianna to her first ultrasound appointment. When they get back to the house, she hand Adrianna a pile of papers, including a brochure for a "resort" for pregnant teenagers and a contract outlining their newly established financial relationship. Adrianna takes it all home to look over it with Naomi, who thinks that the contract reads like a gag order. Adrianna seems to think that her friend is overreacting, but humors her anyway by calling Ty and leaving a message saying that she just wants to clarify a few things.

Then, of course, Ty's mom shows up at Adrianna's house to talk with her mother, and spills the beans. Mrs. Collins thinks that adoption is the only choice and that Adrianna and Ty won't want people to know "what they've done," despite Adrianna's arguments that she is still considering raising the baby herself. Her mom comes to her defense and tells Mrs. Collins to take a hike. Later, she comes into Adrianna's room to talk things over, and promises her daughter that no matter what, they're in this together.

Adrianna is still concerned about what her classmates are going to say when they find out she's pregnant, so she comes up with a plan to avoid the whispering and stares: she asks Navid to film her in the journalism room and then, while live on the school TV circuit, announces that she's pregnant. And everyone stops what they're doing to watch and pay close attention. When Adrianna Duncan speaks, people listen, didn't you know.

The episode closes with Adrianna walking down the hall in slow motion with a huge smile on her face. Tune in next week for a very special Valentine's Day episode!

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Ememily says...

I think my favourite thing about this recap is that you gave your cat a shout-out. Mind you, the completely patronizing tone you've adopted for writing about this show certainly doesn't hurt either. =-D

Feb 4, 2009 10:35pm

swishy5 says...

Feb 5, 2009 1:54pm

swishy5 says...

Clearly I forgot to type anything in that last comment.

I was going to say that my cat also figured out the Ethan/Rhonda thing. I am so proud of our cats.

Feb 5, 2009 1:55pm

sarahm says...

I love Julie Taylor! What is she doing cheating on Matt Saracen with this show!?!

Feb 5, 2009 7:32pm

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