Friday Night Lights: Keeping Up Appearances

This Week: Street and the Riggins brothers are ready to put the house on the market, the Garrity family is reunited with mixed results and Landry makes a new friend.

This week we start off with Buddy, Tim & Lyla picking up the other two little Garritys from the airport. Buddy has a big camping trip planned for all of his offspring, but Lyla isn't sure it's such a good idea. The younger two Garrity's are not so happy to be back in 'fascist texas' and are not making things too easy for their dear old dad. Things go from bad to worse when Tabitha tells her dad that she is a vegan and refuses to eat the prime angus steaks that Buddy bought for a special dinner. In the ensuing fight, Tabitha tells her dad that he's not a real father because he cheated on their mom, and she wishes that Kevin (her mom's new granola boyfriend) were her real Dad. Harsh! Buddy walks away from the camp and down the highway by himself. Lyla drives out to go and pick him up a little bit later and she tells him that even though he may have lost her brother and sister he's still got her.

The good news is that Buddy and Lyla take the young'uns to the Panther game on Friday night, and everybody has a great time. Tabitha even asks her dad if they can go get some Sundays after the game. Buddy asks her if she's sure she wants to eat ice cream because isn't that Dairy? It appears Tabitha is flexible with her vegan diet when she wants to be. It's a small step in the right direction for the Garrity clan.

The McCoys have the Taylors over for dinner. While Tami is so excited to get to hang out with Katie, Coach is pretty visibly uncomfortable the whole time. After dinner, Katie takes Tami upstairs to show her the newly decorated bedroom, leaving Coach alone with Mr. McCoy. Coach takes the opportunity to tell Joe McCoy that him bringing J.D up to apologize for getting drunk at church made him feel awkward, Mr. McCoy promises it won't ever happen again. We'll see about that...

The next day at practice J.D. is struggling to make his passing routes, and Mr. McCoy runs down from the stands to try and impart (and by that I mean yell) some fatherly wisdom. Coach kicks him off the field and takes J.D. away to go work with Mac. At the game on Friday there is more of the same from Mr. McCoy as J.D struggles and his dad continues to scream instructions from the sidelines. The Panthers are down at halftime and Mr. McCoy ambushes J.D. as he going into the locker room to yell at him some more. Coach Taylor intervenes and tells J.D. that he is not allowed to look to the sidelines or listen to his daddy anymore, this is his game now! And well, you can guess that things get a lot better for the Panthers from that point on. But after the game Katie is the only one there to pick up J.D., apparently Mr. McCoy needs some time to cool off. Katie takes her son off to eat some junk food and celebrate his victory.

Tim Riggins has been getting recruitment letters from Ohio State, and Billy goes to Street for advice about how to get Tim into college. Street tells him to throw a highlight reel together to send out to some of the schools and generate some interest. Tim really struggles with the interview portion, and Street keeps showing up at practice to film him. But the end result of the 'Tim Riggins goes to college' video are actually pretty great. There's an interview with Coach Taylor where he talks about Tim's toughness and how he has no fear. And then there is the most touching interview of Billy talking about how proud he is of his little brother, and how seeing him win his championship ring two seasons ago was the best day of his life. I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry!

Meanwhile, renovations on the Garrity house are done! What an accomplishment, as Street puts it: "Lookit what two idiots and a couple of cripples can do!" Street and Herc decide to try and sell the house on their own, sans realtor. Street wants to raise the price on the house but the rest of the gang is a little wary. He manages to win them over with his smooth talking, sort of. But when it comes to the open house Herc, Billy and Street have it out over the price of the house in front of some of the potential buyers. There is an all out fistfight in the backyard and Tim has to shut the drapes and hold down the fort with all the buyers by himself. After a few punches are thrown, Jason gives an impassioned speech about how he needs this house for his family, and he's not going to apologize for that. Billy and Herc begrudgingly agreed to trust him and go with the higher price.

At the game on Friday, Street bumps into one of his old football buddies who has moved on to college football. The ex-panther introduces him to his agent, and the wheels in Street's head start turning and he gets a crazy idea that maybe he could become a sports agent. After the game, Street gets some more good news when he gets a call that they've gotten an offer on the house at the higher price. At the celebratory gathering at the Riggins abode, Street tells Lyla about his crazy idea to go off to New York and be a sports agent. She tells him she thinks he'd be a great sports agent and he should go for it.

Meanwhile at the principal's office...Tami has to deal with Jamarcus Hall, the starting fullback from the Panthers who set a girl's hair on fire in science class. During the ensuing parent-principal conference Tami finds out that Jamarcus' parents didn't know that he was playing football. Apparently he forged his parent's signature on the form at the beginning of the season and now his parents are pulling him off the team.

Coach is really unhappy that Tami has gone and gotten his fullback kicked off the team, but the two of them go over to talk to Jamarcus' parents and try and convince them to let him play football anyway. Coach has a go at it but Jamarcus' dad tells him they are just not football people. Tami interjects and tells them that she has seen football do wonderful things for kids (because of her husband), and that the things Jamarcus learns on the field can transfer over into the other areas of his life. Tami encourages them to let Jamarcus play on Friday and for them to just come and watch him play one game and see what the fuss is all about. On the way out the door, Coach holds the car door open for Tami. Begrudgingly allowing her the victory on this one. Tami is all "You're holding the door open for me?!? Honey that is so sweet! Thank you!" Haha, oh Tami you are my hero.

So Jamarcus' parents end up going to the game on Friday night, and their son has a hell of a game, capped off with the game winning 50 yard touchdown catch. After the game, his dad waits for him in the parking lot and tells him that he's proud of him. Looks like Jamarcus will live to play another football game, here's hoping that he doesn't set any more girls hair on fire.

Devon the chick bass player is trying to cheer Landry up and help him to forget about Tyra. She plays him a very sad cover of 'She Don't Use Jelly' by the Flaming Lips that would probably make anyone except Landry laugh, but he doesn't seem to want to come out of his emo shell. And then Devon gives him a little kiss on the cheek, and he seems to perk right up. The next day Landry gives Devon a ride home and they have a little heart to heart in the car that ends with Landry planting one on her. Devon thanks him for the ride and gets out of the car.

Landry takes this as a sign that he has moved on. So he goes and thanks Tyra for breaking up with him, and tells her that by the way he's met someone else and they're completely right for each other. He asks Tyra if they can be friends. Unfortunately it looks like Landry has jumped the gun. The next day when Landry asks her if she wants to hang out after band practice, Devon drops a bomb on him: she's a lesbian. She likes girls, not boys. Ohhhh Landry.

Landry has a heart to heart chat with Tami about his powers to repel females away. Tami tells him that he's just at the beginning of his life and he is going to go to college and have a great career and women are going to flock to him. She also tells him she's right 100% of the time, just ask her husband. At band practice, Landry apologizes to Devon for the whole thing and promises her that he's fine with her being a lesbian. They end band practice with a rousing chorus of 'She Don't Use Jelly'.

That's all she wrote folks. Tune in next week when Street and Riggins take their show on the road to the big apple.

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