Dexter: Circle Us (S5E7)

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Dexter: "Sometimes partners find us, and as much as we try to push them away, they work their way into our lives, regardless - until we finally realize how much we need them."

If there is one life lesson I learned this week, it is that motivational speakers are shady people. Especially if they have mantras telling you to "take it now". They mean "take" in the BTK sense of the word.

The voice on Boyd Fowler's inspirational tapes turns out to be the ringleader of a group of childhood friends turned sex slave masters and serial killers. Jordan Chase, played by the underrated Johnny Lee Miller, makes his way onto Miami Metro's radar when one of his lackeys attempts to move Fowler's disposed bodies unsuccessfully. Chase was out of state at the time so suspicion falls on the lackey, Cole. However, Cole is not without his own share of guilt. After all, Lumen identifies him as one of her attackers: "folded jacket guy".

After some persuasion from Lumen, Dexter decides to distract the police from Cole so he can execute his own brand of justice on him. They then go after Cole with Lumen relegated to the vital role of lookout. This is not really her thing so she promotes herself to ninja assassin and when Dexter finds himself in a chokehold, she breaks in through a window and beats the living crap out of Cole.

Meanwhile, Robo Cop continues his Robo-investigation into Dexter. He spills the beans to Quinn that Dexter is harboring a pretty blonde in his old house. Quinn's progressing relationship with Deb has him thinking twice about his suspicions but his instincts prevail and he decides to follow his hunches through.

Speaking of instincts, Laguerta doesn't seem to have any as she royally botches up the Santa Muerte sting. Several are killed, including their informant, and from the Chief's tone, it looks like her job is in jeopardy. However, as proven in past seasons, it's when she's backed into a corner that she becomes the conniving, bitchy and resourceful Laguerta that we love to hate.

The episode is all about the dynamics of partnership. Batista and Laguerta: a marriage and working relationship with one outranking the other in both. Quinn and Deb: a budding romance with a looming hesitation to move forward. Deb is reluctant because of her history and Quinn is tentative because of the future and the inevitable betrayal is holds. And finally Lumen and Dexter: an unlikely duo with a bizarre symbiotic relationship: acting simultaneously as enabler, therapist and mitigation for each other.

Dexter's introduction of Harrison to Lumen was a profound moment. It was comforting to see the softer side of Lumen and the eager extension of Dexter's friendship, beyond the blood. The look Dexter gave her at the end was perfectly executed by Michael C Hall – it was the perfect balance of lust, nostalgia and hope. The way I feel about the next episode. Until next time.

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