Dexter: In the Beginning (S5E10)

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Dexter: "She keeps connecting the dots. Cole, Boyd, now Dr. Dan. It's only a matter of time before she connects them to me. And to Lumen."

Despite Dexter's head start when it comes to the Barrel Girls case, Deb's is playing rapid catch up with her impressive deductive skills and is now only one step behind. During their search of Cole Harmon's house, she and Quinn uncover some disturbing DVD's of the torture the barrel girls had to endure. Luckily for Lumen aka girl #13, Dexter goes out on the line to retrieve her feature DVD to keep her identity a secret.

Deb pieces together that someone is eliminating the suspects in this case, but she seems perceptive towards their cause. Her adamant stance on right on wrong seems to be slowing fading into shades of gray. And as she grows closer to discovering the truth about her brother, without knowing it, she is also getting closer to understanding him.

With Jordan Chase in both Dexter and Miami Metro's cross hairs, it's evident that sh-t is about to get real. Dexter is adamant on avoiding the collateral damage he endured last season so he shuttles Harrison out of town to visit the grandparents. Chase is called into the station for a DNA sample and he and Dexter have a creepy, subtext-laden encounter. Bottom line? It is ON.

As discovered last week, the blood from Chases' vile was identified as belonging to an Emily Birch. Dexter and Lumen pay her a visit and eventually learn that she is the inaugural victim of the twisted gang. 20 years earlier, a chunky kid named Eugene Greer emerged as the man he is today, when he ordered his friends to take ahold of their desires and rape their camp counselor, Emily. Unfortunately, Jordan's hold on Emily is still imminent as he was the one who instructed her to divulge this information to Lumen...leading them to the last unidentified member of the group – Alex Tildon.

With Lumen insistent on killing Tildon herself, Dexter takes on the role of Mr. Miyagi. It would be disturbingly sweet except unbeknownst to them, Robocop is crashing their party. Wiretapping and video surveillance provide him with irrefutable proof of the nature of their intentions: those of the illegal, murderous variety. But he doesn't stop them from carrying out their plan.

Chase however, is a different story. He tries to sabotage Dexter by tipping Deb off on Tildon's guilt, knowing that she'll head right to the house and hopefully catch Dexter and Lumen in the act. However, despite two people now onto Dexter and his murderous ways, Alex is taken out without a hitch.

This leads to our Dexter Tip of the Day: evidently, nothing is a more potent aphrodisiac than murder. Fresh off their kill, Dexter and Lumen head home, forever bonded from what they have just shared. The moment escalates and the two indulge in some post-kill sex. Not to take anything away from the scene because it was quite beautiful but...I couldn't help thinking that a) Lumen is a recent rape victim and b) Rita anyone??

Both reasons make this a little to soon for me to digest easily but the two characters had to eventually get to this place. The question is, where do they go from here?

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