Dexter: Hop A Freighter (S5E11)

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Deb: "What they're doing takes devotion....He's putting everything on the line to make what happened to her right. As crazy as that sounds, what word would you use to describe that but love?"

Call it love or call it "serious sh-t"...either way, Dexter is in it deep.

Thanks to a perceptive baby monitor, he discovers the hidden surveillance equipment around his place. He pieces together that the equipment has been signed out from his own station by one, Joseph Quinn. Though this is all alarming and quite dire, the good news is this is an "off the books" operation. Banking that Quinn hasn't turned over anything to the police, he and Lumen raid his apartment to find out what he has on them. They uncover a bunch of incriminating photos but more importantly, this video.

Meanwhile, Deb is breathing down Jordan Chases' neck. She pulls no punches and gives him an foreboding warning that she's onto him. Though he seems unperturbed by her theories, she is not wrong and Chase realizes that his time is running out. Immediately following, she and Quinn make some serious headway as they learn that Eugene Greer and Jordan Chase are one and the same. They finally are able to tie each of the suspects in the 'barrel girls' case directly to Chase. Though all this is still circumstantial at best, they do have the grounds to obtain are court order to keep Chase in the country as a material witness...thwarting his plan of an extensive book tour in Europe.

Admist all this, Quinn earnestly (and cutely, might I add) professes his undying love for Deb. Like me, she isn't as unmoved by it as she would like. Unfortunately for them, RoboLiddy hinders any prospect of reconciliation as he keeps dragging Quinn back into his hunt to capture her brother.

This hunt has proved quite fruitful as Dexter ends up tasered and tied up in Liddy's van. Liddy reveals that he wants a full confession from wholesale jewelry Dexter in return for Lumen's exoneration from this whole mess. In response, Dexter reveals that he'd rather stab Liddy in the chest and call it a mo-f*cking day.

However, the day is far from over. Further exerting his control over the seemingly brainwashed Emily, Chase uses her as bait to get to Lumen and Dexter. Dexter is busy eliminating robocops but Lumen falls for it hook, line and sinker. Chase violently gets rid of Emily courtesy of a fire poker and then menacingly turns his attention to Lumen. Dexter rushes to Emily's only to discover an empty house save Emily's body and a fresh blood trail leading to the driveway. He is left to wonder: "Is this the kind of love I´ll ever find? The kind that ends in blood".

All in all, the episode was fantastic and sets up for what should be an explosive finale. However, I do have a bone to pick with Liddy's death. It was far too abrupt and easy for my liking. If Dexter gets away with this with no imminent consequences, it would be annoying to say the least. The formula the show has adopted is to kill off any threats to Dexter with no one ever catching on. Though I would really hate for the season to end on a cliff hanger, I think it's about time that Dexter faces the music...or in this case, Deb.

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