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There you have it. We finally got what we've been waiting for, many of us for the entire ten years. On Sunday, Curb Your Enthusiasm finally integrated the entire main cast of Seinfeld into the episode as part of a season-long story arc. Of course, in Larry David fashion, the reunion had to be done in a tongue-in-cheek way, with David essentially "selling out" in order to procure a part in the show for his ex-wife, whom he is attempting to win back.

Again in typical David fashion, his short temper and his propensity to blurt out exactly what's on his mind almost got the entire event cancelled, offending the network, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, and Jason Alexander in his wake. Michael Richards was unsurpisingly reserved in his appearance as himself, due in part to his typical reticence in public, and also presumably as a consequence of his infamous racial scandal a few years back, from which fans and the man himself still haven't quite recovered. However, the writers thankfully decided to supply him with a role that was less scathing and cynical than one might expect, and instead painted him as sort of an oblivious dunce, too distracted by pictures of women's breasts on the wall at a restaurant to realize the epic commitment to which he was consenting.

The man himself, Jerry Seinfeld, was unbelievably funny with his pointed comments about the irony of Larry's proposal, while his nonchalant skepticism presented a man whose affluence and lack of responsibility obviously have allowed him not to take anything in life too seriously. He was also able to wedge in the mandatory "large-word" that every Seinfeld episode seemed to contain. Jerry's adherence to textbook language, even in a fit of rage, was simply hilarious, as he yelled at Larry with his trademark smirk, "I'm apoplectic, Larry, apoplectic!"

I'm looking extremely forward to next week's episode, when a guest-appearance by Christian Slater should make for some deliciously awkward encounters. It looks as though the only negative to find in this season is the fact that it is going to eventually end.

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sweetkeet says...

I think this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is starting off quite strongly, compared to last season, which was my least favourite. Larry David evidently took a long break to recoup his comedic charm after his real-life divorce from wife Laurie, and the show seems to have renewed its vigour and twisted humour (and multiple plot twists per episode). Yay!

Oct 8, 2009 3:42pm

hbeckwith says...

Great episode! I really liked Michael Richards. I can't wait to see the rest of this season.

Oct 10, 2009 9:38pm

sweetkeet says...

Larry David certainly provides cringe-worthy entertainment in the form of an irascible, ornery, nit-picky character who goes through life causing pain and discomfort to all who come in contact with him. You love to hate him -- or hate to love him, I'm not sure which one applies here! He certainly manages to alienate his long-suffering friends Ted & Mary, as well as Suzie Greene (the wife of Jeff, his manager), and even their daughter Samantha, who struggles to sing a tribute to Ted and Mary but is thwarted by an irritable Larry. In the same episode, he also pushes the buttons of his physician, as well as the boyfriend of a former girlfriend with whom he tries to re-ignite a relationship. Classic Larry David.

Oct 12, 2009 11:24pm

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