Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Bare Midriff

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One again, an hilarious episode from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Fans of Jerry Seinfeld got a real kick out of this one, as he had his second appearance on the program this season, and was at his absolute best. He had one line that I won't repeat for fear of spoiling, but suffice it to say it was one of the wittiest he's ever delivered on record.

There was also another guest appearance by Julia-Louis Dreyfus, who chastised Larry for allowing the woman with the titular "Bare Midriff" to quit her position as his assistant, setting in motion a chain of events which caused Larry to convince her to return to working for him, only to see her quit once again when she believes that she is in possession of a portrait of Jesus which has emitted a tear. Of course, the tear is not actually a genuine tear but is actually splashback from Larry's session in the bathroom, a fact which is later discovered and which causes Larry to have to thwart a suicide attempt.

Meanwhile, Larry and Jerry managed to snub Lewis, whom they were meeting for a lunch date, by both refusing to move over in their seats, eventually causing Lewis to leave the restaurant altogether and cancel their lunch. Jerry's sharp lines, his neuroticism and overhesitancy in all of his segments of the episode were a real treat to watch. Seinfeld, in my opinion, has always been best when he is delivering lines from the hip, such as in interviews and on television programs. Essentially when he is himself or a close caricature of himself. His act is too slick and polished, and doesn't delve into the more amusing and odd musings of his bright mind. Such is why seeing him on Curb is the ultimate excitement for a fan; he is as natural and as uncensored as he has ever been, and we may thus have the closest look at the "real" Jerry we have ever been privy to, and if you haven't seen the program yet, trust me, it is wonderful.

Tune in again Sunday at 9 PM on HBO for the episode "The Black Swan", when "Larry has bad luck on the same golf hole twice."

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