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Shane is off for a little while, but I wanted to make sure that since we've covered most of this season, there was something posted about the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale. And what a Curb finale it was!

As a massive Seinfeld fan, the prospect of seeing a Seinfeld reunion show WITHIN the Curb Your Enthusiasm universe was actually even more appealing to me than to actually ever see a "real" reunion show. I knew they'd be able to treat things on Curb (and on HBO) a lot better than anything that would've aired on NBC would've turned out. And I knew Larry (in Curb world) would be a delight to watch surrounding all the chaos. After finally getting to see this storyline come to its brilliant end, I can say it was everything I had hoped for and more.

While Jerry and Larry's interactions have been great these last few weeks, I've absolutely loved the way both of them have been interacting with Jason Alexander. "Douchebag Jason" has been hilarious to watch, and he was in fine form in the finale, first with his pamphlet-sized "book" and then in essentially trying to get with Cheryl. When he bolted out the window of Cheryl's dressing room near the end, I was in hysterics.

Other highlights of the episode were Larry attempting to play the George character (such overacting -- even though George is based on Larry!) and the whole "favour" storyline with Mocha Joe. I was totally on Larry's side on that one, by the way. How is carrying some jumper cables up to somewhere you're already going deserving of a tip? Maybe a return favour -- of equal level, of course, not driving to the other side of town to pick up some coffee beans -- but definitely not a tip. We feel your pain, Larry... but it's still funny to see you suffer!

Of course, it made sense that Cheryl and Larry would get their quasi-happy ending, mirroring the plot of George and his ex-wife in the Seinfeld reunion script -- and allowing Larry's big plan of the reunion to actually sort of work! And it made even more sense that Larry would get so hung up over "respecting wood" that he'd mess up an incredibly satisfying moment by trying to force Cheryl to fess up to the drink stain on Julia's end table. This is Larry David, after all. He screws up anything resembling a great thing.

One thing that this season was lacking was Leon. Sure, he made a few appearances, and last week's scene with Michael Richards was exactly what I was hoping to see when I heard the Seinfeld cast would be appearing this season, but there wasn't enough of him. I'm of the belief that there can NEVER be too much Leon, and frankly, I'd watch a show just about him. I don't think that's weird at all.

Oh yes, and what about the Seinfeld reunion show itself? We've heard some of the plot points throughout the season, and got glimpses of the script with the table reads and rehearsals last week, but it was so amazing to see actual scenes shown -- exactly as the show was filmed -- at the end of the episode. Frankly, from the bits and pieces we saw in Jerry's apartment and the diner, it seemed like a pretty damn good episode. And as the characters joked (besides Larry, of course, who is delusional), it was much better than the REAL finale. Obviously it would've been nice to have seen the full episode, but seeing a few scenes and gathering the general plot from the scenes we heard about but didn't see, I was more than satisfied.

This was a really great season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and would certainly be a fitting end to the series should Larry David decide not to continue on with the show. But I wouldn't be opposed to seeing more Curb in the future if the stories are as strong as they were this year! What do you think?

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